Where to Watch ‘Better Times are Coming’

If you missed last night’s Copper, you missed a BIG blowout, a HUGE explosion, and an EPIC reunion. The good news is you can still catch all the Copper action you missed. Here’s the definitive list of where to watch “Better Times are Coming.”

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  • PW

    Loved the ending. Took me buy surprise. TWJ’s emotions were wonderfully acted. I love this show & will be purchasing season 1 on DVD.

  • ohiobarb

    Did a Union guard really make a Confederate prisoner interred at Johnson’s Island swim the Ohio River? Did I misunderstand? Considering Lake Erie is about 300 miles from the Ohio River, that would be some punishment.

    • Michele

      What is really amazing to me is that the show did enough research to know that Kennedy was in reality one of the NY arsonists and definitely escaped from Johnson’s Island to Canada. If anyone knew Johnson’s Island was on Lake Erie, it would be him.

      • http://www.facebook.com/peter.koenig.35 Peter Koenig

        Noticed that too. The series has a strange (and recurring) problem with historical details. The vast majority of details are accurate – but then someone makes an inexplicable error. I understand they have an historian to vet details. Do they show him the entire script, or just ask questions beforehand? If that latter, that would explain the boo-boos: the writers don’t ask the right questions.

    • Mysty

      Actually the show is very inaccurate. The wealthy didn’t intermingle with the poor. The city was not riddled with bordellos. People did not have oral sex out in the open. Lincoln was not nearly as popular as they made him appear. People were forced, via draft, to join the military – which resulted in riots in NYC. The Five Towns area was much more crowded then it appears in the series. The scenery looks more like the set of Gunsmoke then that of NYC of that time. Their “historian” is a school teacher! They could have consulted much better. Cast is excellent. Acting is excellent. Story line is interesting. But the only factor that damages the show is the lack of historical legitimacy.

  • Justine

    Didn’t see that coming until I saw Kevin’s face react. Then I knew. Wonder now if anything remains of the woman he once loved or is she too damaged to redeem like the other lost causes that continually cross his path.

  • Mike

    Anybody else noticed that in the scene where the cop is having the same person vote more than once using different names… that he tells him that his new name is Tim Bayless… of course the great character in the TV series Homicide Life on the Street.

  • Moss

    Continuity issue . Kevin asks Sim if Maguire had asked McLean what kind of gun he had, but when could he have? THen Corcoran goes to the office and announces that McLean has returned. How’d he know?

  • Songs?

    Anyone know what that song was that Sarah was singing?

  • ffroggy5

    love copper and will get DVD when it comes out his emotion in the last episode was wonderful….i’d have given any answer he wanted if he looked at me that way