Where to Watch ‘A Day to Give Thanks’

If you missed last night’s Copper, you missed an epic showdown between Corcoran and Maguire, a heart-wrenching confession from Corky’s wife, Ellen, and some good, old-fashioned Confederate anarchy. The good news is you can still catch all the Copper you missed! Here’s the definitive list of where to watch “A Day to Give Thanks.”

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  • JJ

    Love this show, I hope it returns for another season!

  • JT

    Surrounded by tragedy and betrayal Kevin is left groping in the dark, desperate to find the any remnant of pure intention . Even Annie’s careful prayer is tinged with deception as she makes yet one more failed attempt to seduce him with seemingly pious, batting eyes.

    The show’s”there are no good people left” theme begs for a diversion. A new character to restore Kevin’s faith in humanity. So far the only people of quality are the doctor and his wife Sarah. But even their goodness is limited, and to some degree corrupted by fear. Sarah holds back because her trust has been violated and like Kevin she feels things deeply. Kevin’s response however is different as he is stirred to violence.

  • JT

    Asking Eva to watch over Ellen’s sick bed is a little naive at best. Wouldn’t ask her pet-sit a boa constructor. Aside from Eva’s profession, she is ‘scary’ obsessed and jealous. Kevin really has no clue who this woman really is. So wicked in fact that prostitution hardly outranks any of her other misdeeds. The best moment was when he threw both Eva and Annie out in order to confront ellen. They scurried through the door like a couple of rats…ones who continuously prey on him, feeding off of him like parasites.
    Low point for Kevin was when he pulled a gun on the priest. Desperation does crazy things to people. Now he’s beyond trusting anyone.