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Hey Copperheads! Wanna score some sweet Copper swag? We have replica police badges, brass knuckle t-shirts, Season 1 DVDs, and much, much more to give away…but you have to WATCH to WIN.

WHEN TO WATCH: Park yourself in front of the TV this Sunday, September 30 at 10/9c for a new episode of Copper, “The Hudson River School.”

HOW TO PLAY: During the show, you’ll see THREE different hashtags appear in the lower right corner of your screen. The hashtags will appear at random throughout the hour, just to keep you on your toes. Tweet any one of the hashtags (or all three!) to @CopperTV, and you’ll be automatically entered to win prizes.

PRIZES: Last week, everyone wanted a badge AND a t-shirt, because you’re so greedy. But we hear ya, those badges are pretty awesome. So this week? We’re giving FIVE lucky fans a Kevin Corcoran-approved brass knuckle t-shirt AND this awesome 1864 Metropolitan Police badge. So many chances to win! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @CopperTV


  • redjacobson

    Am looking forward to the next episode. Love ‘COPPER’ as I am a Union Civil War reenactor .

  • You’re still getting it wrong

    You guys don’t just need a historian, you need a geographer. No, wait. You don’t need any kind of expert for this. You just need a map. Sandusky, OH is nowhere near the Ohio River, so how were people rowed across the Ohio River to see the prisoners in Sandusky? Wrong river, or wrong town. Johnson’s Island is in Sandusky Bay, on Lake Erie!

    • Peter Koenig

      Well, yes … I thought this was another fine episode, with perceptive performances and an historically plausible plotline about the (real) incendiary attack on NYC. I did catch the Sandusky boo-boo, which was entirely avoidable. However, the Confederate agent’s description of life there may not have been accurate. The prisoners, mostly officers, were properly fed and housed (in barracks, not tents), though some suffered from the cold to which they were not accustomed. His description sounds more like Andersonville – a fictional former prisoner of which camp is a featured character on a certain post-Civil War costume drama on another network. I’m not troubled by the exaggeration of camp conditions in this script: it’d be understandable since the Rebel agent was trying to recruit Morehouse.

  • Konig Villa

    You should look up a Mr.Leonard Moody of Brooklyn.He was a real estate tycoon of the time .I own his summer home in Pittston Maine and have done a loy of history search ,what a time to live in .This show rocks