The Doctor is In: Behind the Scenes of Season Two

Contrary to recent reports, Ato Essandoh is very much alive and is getting back into the Five Points groove, catching all the Copper action behind the scenes. Filming of the series’ second season kicked off last week, and below are a few of our favorite shots from the Doc.

Ato Essandoh as Doctor Matthew Freeman. (Fact: Doc Freeman invented the cell phone in 1865.)

On set with Tessa Thompson, who plays the Doc’s wife, Sara Freeman.

Franka Potente, who plays brothel owner Eva Heissen, stays bundled up between scenes.

The Freeman residence in Carmansville.

Doc Freeman’s stocked medicine cabinet.

An important desk for an important Doc.

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  • Casey Craig

    Can’t wait!

  • Tracey W

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! As a Black woman, one of the things I appreciate most about Copper is that Sara is so vulnerable. Black women are always portrayed as strong and independent. It’s refreshing to see how she leans on Doc Freeman for his strength, not the other way around… Can’t wait for season 2!

  • Zu

    Right away, I knew it was American writing from its lack of research for the historical period with its cleanliness , despite having a rush of poor people eating scraps thrown out by bar staff directly off on the “paved” street so absent of horse manure, which throughout the movie, though very typical of Hollywood. The woolen mittens drying on the line, which no poor women would waste time knitting during that time period, was also a typical display of “warm and fuzzy” Americana. I know it’s a B made-for-TV movie, by its poor editing: Annie’s left shoulder is bare right before Cooper gives her the boiled egg, then the next micro-second its covered for her to receive it and uncovered the next micro-second – with the exact frame of her face before he gave her said egg. Couldn’t take any more when the doctor’s wife runs downstairs in just her nightie to see what’s going o, to then run back up, when one “could be bad guy” stares at her in a lusty way. Old observant “doc” missed the look I guess. American-as-usual “hope I don’t have a seizure from the blinking film-frames” was noticed from the start and broadcast for me this “please stop me from trying to fool (only Americans) people into thinking they’re watching British television, that no one in over there would bear watching.

    • Skip Morris

      You need an editor much more than the show. Can’t understand your post. It’s a great show. Watch a documentary if you want amore accurate depiction of the period.

    • Juan Peinado

      Can’t tell if you are a complete moron or just incoherent. Either way, next time you get the urge to express an opinion, just say to yourself “If I speak, I will look and sound like an idiot, but if I stay silent, I will merely look like an idiot”.

      • Skip Morris

        Actually, Juan, you said it much more eloquently than me.

    • Allison Johnson

      You’re an imbecile, that’s obvious. But why post on the internet so everyone will know?

  • copper fan

    I love this show. I am counting the days until it comes on. I would like to thank BBC for for giving us a 2nd season.