BUZZFEED: The Most Famous Prostitutes In History

From our partners at Buzzfeed: Believe it or not, but prostitutes used to be a relatively well-respected profession—at least, you know, much more so than it is now. In fact, you'll probably find yourself surprised at some of the people who were streetwalkers in their past and throughout history.

BUZZFEED: Cops Who You Wish Were Real

From our partners at Buzzfeed: These are the kinda cops who you'd want to go to if you had a crime needed solving (and NOT one as simple as who ate all the cat treats—we have a good idea of that). But, some might say they couldn't do it quite as stylishly as coppers used to.

BUZZFEED: Things We Really Missed Out On In The 1860s

From our partners at Buzzfeed: The unification of a nation, the dawn of a new era of science and reasoning, the golden age of literature… life in the 1860s was so more romantic than life today. (Minus the typhoid.) If you find yourself feeling nostalgic for our favorite bygone decade...