Meet TV’s New Madam

Franka Potente, who plays ‘Copper’ saloon and brothel owner Eva Heissen, recently chatted with Esquire Magazine’s about her role as TV’s hot new madam. Read on for two of our favorite moments from the interview: Does the length of a series allow you to make adjustments to your character?

Franka Potente: You get to react a little bit. Sometimes it takes a while to really find your stride. In the beginning, you don’t know your character, and you don’t know where it’s going to go. At some point I just thought, Fuck that. I’m gonna make decisions now, and if someone says stop, we will. We were like, “What if she wore a man’s tophat? Let’s do that.”

ESQ: Eva seems very contemporary. But what is she doing dating this guy who’s hung up on his ex-wife?

FP: They’re not really dating. They’re just fuck-buddies. You know, friends with benefits. Especially back in the day, it was normal that men went to prostitutes. He’s just distracted, and they physically click.

Read the full interview here:

  • ignotus

    Rather raw language, madam. One excuses it in the scripts, of course – even demands it if historically appropriate. Unlike another current historical drama on AMC set in roughly the same time period, Copper’s prostitutes exhibit an historically-accurate range of personal appearance and dentition, from well-kept to decrepit. On the economic scale of the time, Ms. Potente may be a bit too attractive for her character’s station in life. Perhaps her choice of words in the interview is a consequence of remaining in character?