Gold Stars for ‘Copper’

Have you heard? Critics LOVE Copper (and they have a serious crush on Tom Weston-Jones.) We’re thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response, and we’re happy to report that Copper was our highest rated series premiere ever! A big thank you to each and every one of the 1.8 million viewers out there, and if you still haven’t hopped on the Copper bandwagon, read on for reasons why you should!

The Los Angeles Times describes Copper as “an impressive piece of work,” Monsters and Critics thinks it’s “a fantastic period drama,” and Indiewire reminds viewers to set their DVRs. “There are ten episodes and you won’t want to miss any one of them,” says Indiewire writer Darwyn Carson. “There is nothing else like it on television today.” Indiewire also gives Tom Weston-Jones props, noting he “excels as Corcoran.”

TV Worth Watching’s David Bianculli offers five points on why he’s watching Copper, and we love this boozy sitdown Animal New York had with the cast.

Collider‘s got a thing for Detective Corky: “Tom Weston-Jones is exactly the type of ruggedly handsome, clever, morally complex hero with a tragic backstory you would expect to anchor such a work,” and The Wall Street Journal did a great recap of the first episode, Surviving Death. “[Corcoran] is a police officer who doesn’t play by the rules,” says the WSJ, “but that’s OK because it’s 1864 and there doesn’t seem to be too many of them.”

PHEW, that’s a lotta Copper love! We’re thrilled the critics are watching, but we want YOUR reviews too! Share your Copper commentary below, and your comment could be featured on our Facebook Fan Page.

Is it Sunday yet?

Gretchen Hansen