A Big, Bawdy, Bar Brawl

With two episodes down and eight more to go, we’re feelin’ the love from Copper critics! Below is a spread of our favorite Copper commentary, but we want to hear from the fans too. Have a one-line review? Head to the comments area and let us know why you’re a confirmed Copper addict.

  • The

    I just spent two days watching season one and season two of this show on Netflix and I am hooked! So I came online to find out when season three will be released, only to find out it was canceled. Are you kidding me??? We finally get something decent to watch and you cancel it?? Is BBC America insane or what? What’s wrong? It didn’t make you millions of dollars in two years so you just killed it? Well maybe if you spent more time promoting the show, people would watch it. I am so angry and disappointed. Gawd you people are stupid.

  • Ger

    Been waiting patiently for season 3 . What’s going on ?

  • Kelly Vail

    Doubt that this message will help, but I really enjoyed this show and its to bad its been cancelled.