A Big, Bawdy, Bar Brawl

With two episodes down and eight more to go, we’re feelin’ the love from Copper critics! Below is a spread of our favorite Copper commentary, but we want to hear from the fans too. Have a one-line review? Head to the comments area and let us know why you’re a confirmed Copper addict.

  • McFarlandClan

    I am fairly sure that I am IN LOVE with this show already! How crazy, seeing as there have only been two episodes! Great job to everyone involved and keep up the great work!

  • OB-Mac

    Bravo! Talented actors, extraordinary writers, and authentic looking costumes and set design! I am hooked…and wish there were more than ten episodes! Please order another season!!

  • shawnee

    love the history and how it looks real

  • Waldo

    In trying to project time period realism (NY 1860′s) this show has been filmed so dark that it is at times unwatchable…a pity because it appears to be a fascinating, well done show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.gaul.9883 Michael Gaul

    90k for the church and a bargain at that? Seems high. Did the writers research prices?

  • aninnina

    Being a Black American, it is sometimes hard to stomach the racial remarks being tossed around in the show, but it was what it was back then. that being said, i am head-over-heels over Copper. i love period pieces and all the craftiness and backstabbing sets my heart all atwitter. from what i’ve seen so far, i hope it is in for a long run.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000508187861 Margaret Daly

      Even in this day and age it’s still hard to hear some of the remarks made but unfortunately as you said that’s the way it was back then. Some people don’t even look past that and they’re missing a great show because of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-B-Traylor/1471441748 John B. Traylor

    Wonderful show! As a history buff I find the time period fascinating. Excellently acted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kpkruse Karen Pruet Kruse

    Get the message. The show is good what I can see of it! It’s filmed so dark the viewer has to strain to catch all that is going on.

  • http://twitter.com/MidniteinMke Annabelle Havlicek

    So adjust your set. I don’t understand these viewers who say they can’t hear it (take it off surround) or can’t see it (adjust your brightness/contrast/color) and save your settings. Are you GUYS afraid to touch your flat screens for crying out loud.

  • Domenica

    Enough with the Annie crap, already.

  • Brian L Murphy

    Season 3??

    • Aphra Behn

      Here’s hoping.

  • mlw

    This Show Is One Of My Favs. Really Hoping For A Season 3!

  • zatyjesa

    Really love the show, the sets are astonishing, so realistic and every detail from the buildings to the dirt on the street in spot on!! Please keep making this series. Its one of the best on TV, in any country.

  • Terri

    What’s this I hear about series being canceled? I’m trying to confirm that. Surely that can’t be true. Please, please tell me it’s an “urban myth”. I LOVE this show. Canceling it now will just leave us hanging. I hate it when a sow I love gets canceled and Crap remains.

  • Karla Reese

    I am really unhappy that this show is being cancelled! I have never been disappointed by BBC. BBCA, what is going on? We need closure! At least respect us enough to give us one more season and some sort of finale!

  • Cathi Matrone

    Please have a Season 3..Hard to find smart tv on tv..

    • Richard Jay Ross

      I also must register a complaint that Copper is being cancelled. This is a good show and although it is Historical Fiction, we can ALL learn something from it.

  • Tonna McGuinn

    please please please don’t tell me this is going to be cancelled and replaced with more Honey Boo Boo or Hillbilly Hand Fishing CRAP!

  • Elaine

    No Season 3? …IDIOTS!!! This is Pulp Fiction minute after minute, in Period. it doesn’t get any better. Every episode has been the book I always wanted to read!

  • Raymond Tapnio

    I cannot believe the series was cancelled!!!

  • myonbroker

    What an excellent show! I Tivo it every Sunday. Is there a Season 3??

  • CDS246

    COPPER cancelled??? Brilliant decision BBC. You just lost ALOT of viewers!

  • shamrock

    I can not believe that Copper has just been abruptly aborted. I am dissapointed with BBC America. Copper is what drew my attention to BBC America. I find this insulting to your audience. Copper was one of the best series on TV. I realy will not watch BBC America if Copper stays aborted.

  • 2fortheroad2

    Have heard that Copper will not be renewed!!!! How dare they!! With all the inane, mundane and outright idiotic reality shows that fill the tv schedule – to even consider
    cancelling this show is OUTRAGEOUS! Would use some rather nasty words that would fit right in with any episode – but I refrain. This show is FABULOUS the acting, the script the scenery – captures the 5 points of that era ON THE BUTTON! Cancel the other dope shows but I must have Copper!!!!!

    • Cynthia Muldrow


  • mike


  • David from Pa

    A good show with great acting and storytelling. Deals with historical events. Some violence, suggestive behaviors, but what the hey? It’s what sells. My wife and enjoy the show. Please don’t cancel it.

  • bklynbruce

    why would you take such a great show off the air? with all the crappy shows out there this one is a jewel

  • Kathie O.

    Bring back Copper!!

  • Edmund Dantes

    I should have known when members of “The Gangs Of New York” remarked how jealous they were of “Copper” that it was doomed. What is it the BBC in their infinite delusion assumed they don’t have enough shows about serial killers and need to develop some more? Perhaps they were running short on money to spend on Star Trek re-runs or a car show that we don’t get to see review cars until they are at least five years old? Well. I’m sure they needed more funding to try and convince us how bloody relevant “Dr. Who” is. As history has shown, the true artistry of a show is that the BBC saw fit to cancel it.

  • Copper fan

    I cannot believe they cancelled Copper. I guess I won’t be watching BBC America at all now. The rest of their programming is trash. It makes no sense to be how they can cancel such a terrific show.

  • Manu

    Just discovered the series on Lovefilm and now I read there will be no season 3… gutted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this… BBC America, that was a VERY stupid decision! You don’t drop a show like that without even giving the public time to get to know about it’s existence. Not smart!

  • rwc

    Great show, really hope they find a way to bring it back!

  • Naomie-ruth Michelle Hilleary

    Bring it back!!

  • Black woman

    Bring back Copper. Please!!!!!

  • Olga

    Please bring Copper back for a last season! Respect your audience and give us a final seson for the show!!!!!

  • Suzanne Barnett

    So completely disappointed that Copper has been canceled!!! I absolutely loved this show. I caught a couple episodes of the first season and loved it so much I went out and bought the first season on DVD before the second season came out. What a horrible decision BBC has made. SO STUPID!!! Great show, bring it back!!

  • Bob Chase

    Fantastic show, really disappointed no season 3. I guess period shows can be expensive to produce, hope it can be brought back. Seems like a lot of good thought producing shows are getting cancelled and they bring back mindless crap.

  • Jennifer


    My husband and I have started laughing (instead of whining) because it appears every show we really enjoy (other than baseball) gets cancelled.

    I just don’t see the reasoning behind cancelling Copper. The show offers great writing, interesting story lines and really enjoyable acting. I’m very disappointed.

    Is there any chance a different production company/channel will pick it up? It happened with SouthLAnd.

    • Pat Evans

      Jennifer, you sound just like me and my husband. If we love a show, you can pretty well depend on it getting cancelled! Love Copper and don’t get why BBCA doesn’t!!! Fingers are still crossed for Season 3…..

  • Gjfish

    Bring back this show.

  • Sharyl

    I just finished watching the entire 2nd series in the past two days and I am now finding out that it has been cancelled. WTH?! I can’t believe a fabulous show like this is not being renewed. Where’s Eva and the baby?? What’s going to happen to Kevin?? This is downright UNFAIR!!!

  • Robynn

    Join us on Twitter for our weekly tweet-a-thon every Sunday at the time the show aired in your time zone. For me it’s 9pm Central time. I was and still am heartbroken!!! We also have a Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/575226115847540/ and here https://www.facebook.com/SaveCopper

  • scarlettgray

    I hope it is not true that “Copper” is not coming back on BBC. Copper , Being Human and Ripper Street were the only shows
    worth watching on this channel. I loved Robin Hood and Merlin and they were ended. I hate all the reality shows on the air nowdays on all the channels and I found these five shows to be refreshing.
    What is wrong with the executive decision makers at this channel?!

  • Pining for Copper

    What do we need to do to ensure a 3rd season? There is little on tv right now that I can stomach. Most of the programming panders to the lowest common denominator. Copper was a refreshing change of pace. A historical drama that strives for authenticity in every way, this show is a gem. It’s well written, well acted, so far, seems to be historically accurate. The characters are so well developed. They are gloriously flawed and yet, they draw you in and you find empathy for their plight. How on earth can something like this be cancelled while we drown in a see of “reality” drivel? Save us from the drivel, please, I beg you and bring Copper back!

  • Laruedog

    Well written and beautiful to watch

  • juliet_delta_sierra

    Copper is the show that brought me to BBC. I enjoyed the historical aspects and the characters. I recommend that you bring it back. I fail to understand why you would cancel the show when the ratings appear to easily make this show above your arbritrary determination. Because of this show, I have begun watching BBC on a fairly regular basis. Bring it back and don’t let many of us down. Thank you.

  • Sandi Morris

    I absolutely love Copper…why in the world would you cancel it. I see posts mentioning how expensive a period piece is to produce. I really don’t think that is the reason for cancellation though. After all, you are starting new series that appear to be period pieces (i.e., Ripper Street & Muskateers.) I am very upset with the cancellation…WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!

  • Former BBC fan

    Am so disappointed with BBC, with both Copper and Ripper being cancelled. The two best shows on BBC! Terrific scripts, great acting, wonderful historic settings. Why watch BBC now?

  • Nik

    Copper cancelled with zero fanfare or warning. BBC America did the exact same thing with another great series: Survivor. I was so upset over that rude cancellation and now to hear they’ve done it again with Copper is just beyond frustrating. WTF? BBC America? Are purposely trying to insult and alienate your entire audience?

  • karen122447

    BBC could always do period shows….BBCA was a wonderful experience when I found out about copper….Now I could watch authentic period done by my favorite station for English period, doing American period…so sad there will be no season 3….at least give us one more and tie it up

  • Kathie Stephenson

    Sassykathie60@gmail.comvery disappointed about the cancelation of copper. Won’t be watching BBC America anymore

  • MT

    I have enjoyed viewing Copper from the very beginning. I can’t believe it’s not being renewed for another season…if only to tie up loose ends and bring it to a conclusion. You can’t possibly think the last episode didn’t open the doors of curiosity as to what has happened to Eva et al. Please, just one more season!!

  • Denise Fleeger Giles

    We love Copper. I refuse to watch anything on BBC America again. They cancelled the best show ever!!!

  • amj

    I really loved Copper and am sad to hear it’s not going to be renewed.

  • Pat Evans

    Copper is one of the best dramas on the telly. Why is it being cancelled?

  • PerrySimonShouldBeAshamed

    Canceling the show is one thing… I’m sure it is all based on a higher overhead and/or profit margins than other programs they air. However, profit is one thing (and I’m sure Perry Simon..but to put so much effort into a project and have so many people follow it and tem making so much money off it… Perry Simon, GM of BBC America should be embarrassed of himself. Please, send your complaints to BBC America directly, their facebook page, company website and Perry Simon himself if you know how. “Copper Final Season, Season 3″

  • lidarosa


  • Micheal Collins

    there needs to be a Season 3!!!

  • sammy

    Wait. when did they decide to cancel Copper? We have been anxiously waiting for it to come back! It was a fantastic show!

  • historyteaches

    this is a solid show with believable characters and suspenseful action please bring the show back

  • Lynn

    I had never watched BBCA before Copper. I just ran across this show one night and loved it. I kept waiting for the new season. I am very disappointed. Great introduction to BBC. It was a pleasant surprise. I won’t say I will not watch BBCA again, just hope they make better programming decisions in the future for the American audience. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Doctor Who wouldn’t be my choice! I know it is popular across the pond, but…. it doesn’t come close to Copper for my taste. Please bring Copper back!!