A Big, Bawdy, Bar Brawl

With two episodes down and eight more to go, we’re feelin’ the love from Copper critics! Below is a spread of our favorite Copper commentary, but we want to hear from the fans too. Have a one-line review? Head to the comments area and let us know why you’re a confirmed Copper addict.

  • Beth

    I have been waiting to hear when Copper would be back on and now reading other comments I’m really concerned!! This is one of the best shows going!! Please, please being it back!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Upshaw

    Oh please tell me this is not true!!!! Please!!!! I’m nearing the end of Season 2 on Amazon/Roku, and wanted to see where I can pick up Season 3, and now I see the show wasn’t on in 2014?? How could you cancel such a great show!!!!! I agree with the comments below. Whoever decided to cancel Copper is an idiot and should be tarred and feathered!!! Bring it back!! Bring it back!! Bring it back!!