Buzzfeed: 19th Century Slang That Should Totally Be The New “Swag”

"Sluice your gob." Love those "sit-upons." Meet my "rib." Make the old new with 19th century slang that should make a comeback today.

Gothamist: It’s Time to Stop Thinking of Donal Logue as “That Guy”

From his MTV days as Jimmy the Cab Driver to his role as U.S. Marshal Lee Toric on Sons of Anarchy, Gothamist takes a look back at the career of "that guy," Donal Logue.

Writer’s Room: Kyle & Kyle

Writer/Producer Kyle Bradstreet interviews actor Kyle Schmid (Morehouse) – uncovering important truths behind the scenes of Copper.

Billy Baldwin Joins ‘Copper’ Cast for Season Two!

There's another newcomer in Five Points... Give a big Copper-style welcome to William "Wild Bill" Eustace, played by William Baldwin!

‘Copper’ Returns For An Explosive Second Season

New York, 1865. On the brink of Lincoln’s assassination, political shifts are reshaping the country and in Five Points, immigrants are vying for power, control and a piece of the American dream.

‘Copper’ Season Two Premiere Date Announcement!

The brass is back! We're thrilled to announce that Copper will return to BBC America for a second season on Sunday, June 23, 10/9c!

Casting Announcement: Season Two Guest Stars Revealed

Big casting news from Five Points. Last month we revealed Sons of Anarchy star Donal Logue would be joining the cast of Copper – now we're thrilled to announce Lee Tergesen and Eamonn Walker have signed on as guest stars in the upcoming season!

Writer’s Room: New Face in Five Points

Series writer Kevin Deiboldt offers insight into the character of General Brendan Donovan, played by Copper newcomer Donal Logue.

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Series writer Kyle Bradstreet is busy bringing Copper Season Two to life, but he has a few observations to share...

The Doctor is In: Behind the Scenes of Season Two

Contrary to recent reports, Ato Essandoh is very much alive and is getting back into the Five Points groove, catching all the Copper action behind the scenes.