Lincoln’s Return to New York

Series historical adviser Daniel Czitrom reflects on the assassination of President Lincoln, and the funeral procession that offered a bitter reminder of the war’s unfinished business.

Corcoran, the Morehouses' and the Freemans mourn the loss of President Lincoln.

Corcoran, the Morehouses’ and the Freemans mourn the loss of President Lincoln.

The final episode opens with the body of President Lincoln lying in state in New York’s City Hall. Major Morehouse has arranged for a private viewing of the slain president before he heads off with Detective Corcoran and Doctor Freeman on a mission to help track down Lincoln’s killer, the well known actor John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln’s assassination shocked the entire nation. Even in New York, where the president had never been politically popular and indeed was widely reviled, mourning and grief found expression in the streets, shops, and countless private homes. The patriotic fervor and the celebrations of victory accompanying the war’s end were now mixed with deep sorrow and a sense of tragedy.

After his death on April 15, a train with Lincoln’s bier made its way through major Northern cities, en route to the martyred president’s final resting place in Springfield, Illinois. An estimated seven million Americans paid their respects at elaborate ceremonies held in various cities, or by lining the tracks along the funeral journey. Lincoln’s embalmed body arrived in New York on April 24, and the next day the casket was transferred to a hearse drawn by 16 gray horses. Amidst large throngs of spectators, the procession moved along slowly up Broadway, past Astor Place to Union Square, for a memorial ceremony. From there it went to City Hall, where the next day some 100,000 mourners filed past. Among them was a grief stricken Edwin Booth, the actor and loyal Union man, who was stunned to learn of his brother’s deed. Earlier in the year Booth had seen a young man at a railroad in Jersey City being pushed by a crowd between the platform and train. Booth quickly grabbed him by the coat collar and saved him from being crushed to death or suffering horrible injury. The young man recognized Booth and introduced himself—he was Robert Todd Lincoln, the President’s son.

For black New Yorkers, Lincoln’s funeral offered a bitter reminder of the war’s unfinished business. The Common Council and the Chamber of Commerce had rejected their petitions to be included in the procession, barring blacks from marching. James Pennington, a former slave who had achieved fame as an author and minister, summed up his community’s anger by asking, “Of all other classes, was he not emphatically the President of the colored man? The spirit that would exclude colored men from the President’s funeral is the same that murdered him.” Only a last minute order from the War Department allowed black participation. Some 200 African American mourners, protected by the Metropolitan Police and federal troops, marched at the very rear of the procession. Their banner read: “Abraham Lincoln Our Emancipator, To Millions of Bondsmen He Liberty Gave.”

  • Terry Johnson

    Why is this the last episode?

    • john

      Math, plain and simple.
      The money spent, the advertising revenue and viewership not as promised…

      • Jill

        I agree. It is all about the money!

  • Julie

    Will there be the 3d season???

    • john

      Since the show has officially been canceled, unless YOU are willing to pony-up the funds for series production and distribution, there is unlikely to be a third (let alone a 3-d) season.

  • Angie

    This cannot be the last episode — I apologize people, my getting hooked on a show is the kiss of death. Bring it back please please — even if it is only mini series events like Luther!!!!! Begging here!!! Love intelligent tv not the crap the other networks offer!!!

    • The_Key_Holder

      I feel your pain Angie
      Im hoping for Season 3 of Copper and another Luther

      • Mary

        Me too Copper is one of the best shows to be on TV – ever. The story and characters are wonderful. Please don’t cancel this show

        • James Horn

          Doesn’t the BBC monitor its feedback? I’ve heard a rumor that they may make a 4 hour movie event to finish the story, but HBO said the same thing about Deadwood and it never happened.

    • febe
  • rlpanda

    How could this be the final episode and they leave us hanging??? NOT COOL! Please at least give us some closure. A mini series would be acceptable, I don’t understand why this great show ended.

  • Beth

    Please don’t cancel this series!!!! It is the BEST show currently on TV!!!!

  • Joy Maner

    BBC America, YOU SUCK!!!! How could you cancel this fine programming. You had season after season of some shows that were stupid, but this one, you cancel.

  • The_Key_Holder

    This was awesome there better be another season!!!

  • Piggy

    When I saw the commercial on another cable channel that said ‘Series Finale’, I thought I misread it & that is was ‘Season Finale’. Why would they stop producing this totally enthralling, historical & completely wonderful show?!?! I tell ya’, it’s the devils work… (in me best Irish brogue). I agree w/Angie, every time I get hooked, in my case, maybe obsessed/addicted (LOL), it gets cancelled. What genius made this stupid decision? I want answers, as it’s simply not fair to us viewers. Please, ‘OH GREAT TV PRODUCER IN THE SKY’, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze answer us mere mortals question…

  • Julie Johnaon

    What is wrong with you BBC? This is the best program on TV!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    I can’t believe this is the end! How can you cancel a show when you still have story lines that haven’t finished? I love BBC America but I’m so disappointed…… Please reconsider and bring it back!!!!!!

    • kelra

      I totally agree it is terrible news!

  • edna

    Please don’t cancel this wonderful program. We deserve season 3 at least for closure, not a movie! I agree with Angie in loving intelligent TV, and not the crap on the other networks

  • Bobbi Irvine

    Please reconsider and bring back Copper

  • Anni Rose

    What kind of nonsense is this? Series Finale!! You have got to be kidding!!!! Somebody is asleep at the switch. Copper is one of the best show y’all have going for you!!!


    BBC Americca has produced some of the best shows out there!! With a world that is dominated by mundane, inane, and idiotic reality shows, it is purely refreshing to watch great dramas. You can not leave the series like that. I want to see more of Wild Bill and what kind of mayhem he can bring. I want to find out what happened to Eva. I agree, you should at least bring it back as a miniseries or something to give closure. Just don’t end it this way!!!!

  • bobby

    hopefully, this is just the finale of season 2, and season 3 will be forthcoming-too many unanswered questions-such as who was in the bloody barrells at the ‘paradise’ and where is eva (who’s child is it anywhere-not the general’s i hope)? and what about the gang waiting for kevin at taminy hall? and what about the elder morehouse’s ‘deal’ with eustice?

    • ansdguy

      We only wish you were right. The facts don’t support your wish. The “show finally” says it all. Besides, I’ve seen dozens of show end without resolution.

  • Tonya

    Please bring this show back! It’s one of the best on TV. I’m tired of having to deal with lame reality shows and other nonsensical shows when excellent shows like this go away. I would gladly trade Orphan Black to keep Copper. Now that is a lame show!

  • ansdguy

    I’m in the same boat as Angie. I’ve killed more great TV shows than I can count over the years. I do understand the reason for them usually canceling great shows, however. The reason is that there is just a small audience for shows that require a long attention span, or posess little curiosity. Science Fiction shows have always struggled with poor viewership. The original Star Trek series was one of them. I cringe when people complain that there’s nothing good on TV. There would be if they had the inclination to seek out the excellent one often out there.

    • SergeG

      You are the second person to mention “Star Trek” (and the first to spell it right). Of course, despite the shocking cancellation of the original, groundbreaking series after only three seasons, the Star Trek concept went on to roll up four TV series, seven films and merchandising worth an estimated 4 billion US dollars, as BBC itself documented in “The Star Trek Story”, cf. . Thus, there is precedent for a magnificent, high-production-cost series to come back from the abyss. But to face facts, we fans must appreciate that “Copper,” like “Star Trek,” was a business enterprise, and could only go on if it was seen as a competitive investment. If we have not tried our hardest to use new channels like Internet social media to beat the drum for “Copper” and deliver up more consumers for the product, we too SHARE THE BLAME for its demise!!! An interesting question is this: if the producers offered shares in a company created to release a new film/PPV episode, how many of us would invest, and how much, out of combined sentiments of patronage and profit-seeking? Or how many of us would do volunteer work to retail a special line of series DVDs, a part of whose proceeds would fund such new creations? A vital issue is what will become of the massive set – and how soon. Anyone up for Five Points Land, the Unhappiest Theme Park on Earth? As for me, I’m looking to see if Francis McGuire is up for making a few Greenbacks giving some television programmers an all-expense-paid eternal dirt nap in Central Park. Sure and now that boyo has such a gift for using a shovel…

  • Name

    What is referred to as a “season” in the US is normally called a “series” in the UK. Hopefully, the BBC is sticking to it’s standard terminology and another run of episodes is in the offing.

  • Tina

    Superb shows like Copper get cancelled…..shows like Here comes Honey Boo Boo get renewed….SO WRONG! BBC America pulled a big BOO BOO here. Copper was so well written and acted! They really need to reconsider!

  • executionerofgod .

    Unbelievable BBC America. This was one of the best shows on tv. Can’t believe you cancelled Copper!

  • Sandra Garcia

    Copper is cancelled? What a daft, silly and completely brainless decision. Too bad no one polled me about the show. I’ve been a faithful viewer from the start yet this is how BBC America repays the faithful. Well, it just tells me not to follow another BBC America series until, hmm, after the second season. See ya!

  • Eileen Hochstein

    Unreal!!! This show was clearly a “season finale” not a “series finale.” You cannot end this show on that note. Not sure if one could trust BBC America after dropping a fantastic drama series like Copper! From the story lines, the sets and the cast….super show. I had to break it to my husband & my sister today that I found out the show was cancelled. They’re quite upset about it as am I. I hope you create Season 3 (from what I understand it’s already written) or actually create a movie and do Copper justice!

  • Gene Kohl

    This is the last of Copper, as it has been cancelled

  • Gene Kohl

    Do not cancel bring it back!

  • Nicki

    I cannot believe another wonderful show with drama, intrige, and loyal following gets thrown to the side! BBC America needs to really consider this decesion again.

  • Pebs88

    As an American living in s.jersey this show is up there with boardwalk empire!
    Plz bring us more!!

  • Pebs88

    As a south jersey guy this show is up there with boardwalk empire
    Plz keep going!!

  • Cat vonHassel Davies

    What went across the screen during their visit to Wilderness Battlefield. It went across Kevin from right to left on the screen.

    • john

      Restless ghosts from the battle.

  • debbonair1

    This just sucks…with all the garbage on tv this was among a handful of worthy shows. Who makes these decisions anyway? If all decision makers care about is numbers we can expect nothing but more mindless trash in place of the quality entertainment Copper was…

  • JimmyC

    My wife and I don’t get BBC America on cable, so we purchased each episode of season two of Copper from Amazon (we watched the first season on Netflix). This is the only show we have paid for because we felt it was well worth the cost. I would gladly continue purchasing each episode of seasons three, four, and five if BBC execs had the sense to keep producing this fine program. It was a well written, finely acted, beautifully filmed series. It embodied life in so many aspects that it appealed to a great many people on so many levels; the strain and impact of war, racism, forgiveness, true friendship and loyalty, love and commitment in marriage, good versus evil, flawed heroes, mystery, intrigue, history, and lots of action. There were twists and turns in the plots that I never saw coming which kept me riveted to the tv and compelled me to pay for each of the following episodes. Cancelling this show is really a bonehead mistake.

    • Elaine

      I agree. I want to know what happen to Eva. What will Kevin do about being ward boss, etc. etc. How could they leave us hanging like this.

  • Tah

    Shame on you, BBCA, for canceling this fine, fine show

  • Zyde

    Stupid, stupid, stupid move to cancel this show. NO INTEGRITY, BBC America.

  • Vicksta1

    7.4 on IMDb! C’mon BBCA, that means we really like it! Why, why, why? Well then, goodbye Kevin and friends :-(

  • Copper Fan

    Copper was a great show and it is saddening to hear that they cancelled the series. Especially with the cliffhanger of a finale that was aired. If there is a petition or anything we can do to get the show back let me know!

    • Copper Fan

      Also the fact that wikipedia says that BBC America decided to cancel because it was a “fitting moment to conclude” – with that kind of cliffhanger how can you hand the fans no closure? Also, confusing to cancel after saying that they picked to go to 2nd season because Copper was their “highest rated drama series ever”. I am lost. Bring Copper back.

  • John

    The money would have been there for the BBC with Copper, had they given it another season. It was just starting to pick up a following. I’m not sure where they get their ratings… Most likely from those who watch idiotic reality shows. We bought each episode on Amazon in order to watch it. Bring it back! Copper was one of the best shows out there.

  • mspiller67

    Please bring COPPER back…loved this show…so much better than most of the stuff on tv right now….very few series that hold our attention…actually looked forward to Sunday nite….loved following the show and the tweets by the cast members…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back….the final episode left us with so many questions unanswered….

  • Mareah

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Why cancel this show? Give it time BBCA!! Why leave the fans hanging if they knew the show was not coming back for another season!! I am tired of getting attached to characters and the network cancelling them and bringing a lame show in it’s place. Copper is one of the best shows I have ever watched!! The cast is excellent!! I will miss all my friends in five points.

  • steve

    Bring back our show!!!! Copper!!!

  • Dan Shane

    I am actually fairly used to BBC and other British TV production companies producing limited-run series, and this is not the first to end unresolved. COPPER had to be an expensive show to make, and at least we got great quality for 2 seasons. It had its draggy moments for me (especially the soap-opera stuff between Mrs. Freeman and her mother), but was always a show to anticipate. I hope we get a worthy replacement.

    • Penny

      Yes, it did start to drag in some episodes, but at least it was absorbing, more so than most shows on TV these days.

    • ImNoDhimmi

      The show was filmed in Toronto, Canada. How expensive could it be?

  • ebz06

    When Copper was renewed for this season (2), it was described as BBC America’s “Hit Series”. What happened? Absolutely disappointed in the cancellation of Copper. In my opinion, one of the best dramas on TV. Truly a well acted, well presented, enjoyable history lesson. Looked forward to this each week. What a shame.

  • ez

    WHAT??? Getting tired of great series ending abruptly !! What do we do now watch those 30 minutes brainless comedies on network TV??

  • Steve

    Let me add to the growing list of Copper fans, petitioning BBC America to bring back it back for season 3. It’s too good of a show to cancel after only 2 seasons and with no closure.

  • Robin

    Please bring this series back!!! It is the best show on these days!!!!!

  • J

    Oh no! One of my favorites. I hope they rethink this decision.

    • Penny

      Really? I don’t think so. You’ll have to figure out something else to latch on to.

  • Tina
  • Sandy

    Go to and sign the petition “Renew Copper TV for Season 3.”

  • Elaine

    I can’t believe the show is cancelled!! Please bring it back.

  • red 7

    My friends and I really like “Copper”. We would like to see it come Back. Good show.

    • Helene

      I have been looking for a petition to sign to bring this show back!
      I’m so not happy about this, I have blocked BBCA from my TV & it will stay blocked until they bring this show back!
      You can not leave viewers hanging like this!
      Obviously the writers didn’t know it was cancelled! They left us w/a great cliffhanger!

  • Opietheparrot

    Damn! My stupid DVR missed this and it seems to be gone. Where can I see it? And what in God’s name are they thinking ending it? I guess the Brits are just as stupid as our programmers.

    • Anita

      The same thing happened to me. I couldn’t DVR it at the regular time, so I set my DVR to tape it at 2 A.M. Tuesday, but apparently it was decided to not show it again, so it didn’t get taped at all. The only way I can see the last episode is to buy it from Amazon, which I don’t want to do.Can someone at least tell me what happened in the last episode? I can’t even find a rehash of it anywhere.

  • Jill


  • Mtk

    Please, Please, Please dont cancel this show! It is the best show on tv and y’all left so many unanswered questions. Come back Kevin!


    If my nephew didn’t tell me about Copper I would have never known it existed. He mentioned the show a month ago. After I watched the first episode of Season 1 I was HOOKED!!! I sat and watched every episode within a few days because I was so excited to catch up and see what happened next. I cannot believe that BBC would choose to cancel this show with the other malarky that they are keeping. This is a great period piece with an exceptional cast of characters and actors!!! Bringing in Steven Baldwin was a sure win for this show. I would recommend they do a much better job of advertising on other networks to get the word out to draw in more viewers and therefore, draw in the necessary advertising revenue they need. At least give it another season and do a much better job of tantalizing a broader audience before you pull the plug.

  • Elizabeth Elle Stangl

    Agree that cancelling Copper was a bad decision! BBC America has had many good shows…this one had interesting characters, compelling story, amazing costumes and sets. I actually looked forward to watching and seeing where the story went as I could not anticipate where it was going. The writers were invested in the characters and where the story was going. Bad bad decision to cancel this show….completely disenchanted with BBC America

  • F. Murray

    Years ago Gilligan’s Island was cancelled because the network president’s wife liked Gunsmoke better. I can’t help but wonder what caused the decision to cancel one of the best scripted tv shows to air in years. I am so sick of fake, staged, so-called “reality” and thoughtless copycat shows. Copper was a diamond in the rough with well written, well performed and historical events. It was a show that helped me to understand more of the hardship our country was started in and I HOPE BBCA will reconsider picking the show up again or at least sell it to another network.

  • ladydi_nyc

    I didn’t even know the show was cancelled – very disappointing. But this network has a history of taking good programs off the air. And to leave things up in the air the way it did. You don’t know what happened to Eva, where Kevin ends up, etc.

    Very poor handling of this. I hadn’t even noticed that episode being promoted as a series finale – did I miss something.

    I’ve said it before, but this is the last time I’ll watch anything on BBC America. Terrible network with a history of disappointing its viewers.

  • McMac

    Just found this show and now it is cancelled???? C’mon, best show on TV, all characters are intriguing in their own way and so much more to tell. BBC America should give this at least one more season — many shows don’t catch on until their third season !!! I don’t understand why not if Season 3 is already written and the sets are done — what’s the harm — could only pay off.

  • Janie

    Cancelled?? Are you out of your minds? My family of four eagerly anticipated each new episode, from the very first in season 1 to the last. Hands down, this was a quality show…stellar casting, interesting story lines, all cleverly woven with historic significance. We absolutely refuse to watch any stupid, laugh-track filled comedy shows…we may have to turn the tv off completely, this is just the latest casualty in my family’s dwindling “must see” viewing list. We’ll miss you Corky!

  • Dpalmacelli

    Love Coppers! Romance, intrigue, history, drama…this show has it all not mention the eye candy that is the leading man. We all love to hate the bad guy and cheer on the underdog…please do not cancel this great series.

  • Cissy

    I really hope the fan base can come out and get this show picked up by another network or something. A beautiful quality show with such enthralling characters doesn’t deserve to have such a open-ended finale as this series had.

  • Liv

    BBCAmerica probably thought another hour of StarTreck re-runs would be better. Or, how about another episode of Top Gear (I like the show. Just not running almost 24/7) or yet another show with Gordon Ramsey?

  • RLG

    Last episode! Please say it ain’t so!

  • H Hoke

    Such a disappointment to have this series end so abruptly and unresolved. Sign the petition on, like it on Facebook – try to be heard. BRING COPPER BACK!

  • a smith

    Please bring back Copper. I love, love, love this show. It would be a shame not to continue this great program.

  • Kathy

    Bummed that Copper ended last night. Please bring back at least a wrap-up epilogue type special so Corky isn’t left standing on that balcony wondering where Eva went.

  • Mike F

    1. Bring back Copper. 2. Bring back the writers from season 1. 3. Move Copper to a different night. You’ll have you highly rated show back in no time.

  • Rachel Holland

    We’re done. Every person in this house, every person we have spoken to about this, granted, all ages 34-72, money-having non-children, down to the last, is finished with BBC. I used to love this network. I got cable, paid $100 a month, to have BBC America beamed from the heavens into my rooms and my heart for nearly a decade and we have, now, cancelled that package, downgrading to the basic that spares us endless hours of Gordon Ramsay and that sick feeling that we are giving money to the kind of people who would cancel the most brilliant program I have seen in years. This was Masterpiece quality, up there with the best they have produced. This was better and harder than Sons of Anarchy. This was better and far more accurate than 24 or even MI-5. This was better and more emotional than any period drama to fall from Showtime’s crumbling ladder of poorly written horrible-accent showcases. This was and is in my top ten, of all time. It measures up to the highest quality in production, sets, costumes, acting, make-up, script-writing, continuity. Every cup, held in the correct hand when they’ve reset the scene. Every man, on the mark, every time. The story broke my heart and filled me with pride in thinking of my ancestors and the lives they lived. The performances had me adding actors to casting lists on books I’m just beginning to shop for adaptation to screen and shoving their names into over-filled search boxes on my DVR and Amazon and Netflix. Thank you, BBC for putting this magnificent program on for two glorious seasons and thank you, again, for saving me the rest of my life waiting for you to pull your heads from your rears when, clearly, your network is not worth the trouble or the tenner I’ve been paying every month to line pockets of fools. Yup. We’re done.

  • MiChal

    It was a great episode. I really enjoyed the show. Very sorry it was cancelled.

  • Sandra

    If you care about Copper, please go to and sign the petition Renew Copper TV for Season 3.

  • Lebanese

    I don’t understand how such a show can be cancelled. Viewers number dropped? well cant say why american are not interested in their own history. such a shame…..

  • JS

    Please do not cancel the great series that we have not missed any of the episodes.
    If you could give us a rap up. We would feel better about all of the great cast and there roles they play.
    1865 NYC FAN!!!!

  • sher

    OMG don’t cancel this show it is the BEST!!!!! This is the best original series on TV today. The actors/actresses are awesomeness. BRING IT BACK

  • Sandra

    There are two petitions on that you can sign if you want to show your support for Copper.

  • Tracyg

    Bring it back! I’m so disappointed.

  • IW

    The Best Show on TV and its cancelled….WTF…Bring it back for
    Viewers Sake!

  • Ron

    This is a great show I hope you can bring it back it,s the best i have seen in a long time.

  • Kelly Koziol White

    We loved the Show! Why cxl something that was great! My husband and I watched it and looked forward to it every week. I even turned my mom on to the show. We are so sad:( please bring it back

  • Paul

    I can’ believe this show was cancelled. I am shocked!

  • coo

    Copper is one of the best series on ANY network
    let alone BBC

  • karen

    I was anchored to BBC on Sunday evening for Copper, and was semi-interested in a few other shows on BBC, but without Copper I won’t be coming back. What a loss, I will miss the great acting and period script.

  • amie

    I love this show I can not believe that you would leave us hanging on the end of season 2 . You guys can not leave us like this. Can you not sell the script to another network something the show has a great script great cast. It is just trash 2 end it like this.

  • Julie

    I’ve just known about this film, and felt very surprised and upset when heard that it’s been cancelled. I can understand that the movie can be closed because of low ratings etc. – because of money. But I believe that in this case at least normal final episode could have been shot! To show respect to its fans. I don’t think that if BBC America shot normal final episode, they would become bankrupt… So, that’s why I feel really dissappointed about BBC America. The way how this smart series has been finished shows not high level of respect to the viewers.

  • Lorena

    What…no closure!

  • StephEv

    I’m so confused, I don’t understand why this was the SERIES finale. This show is so good! Big mistake BBC!

  • pearl

    Doctor who is on instead of COPPER?!?!?!?!

  • Sue

    Looked forward every Sunday to see this show. I am so upset to see it cancelled. What a shame. Please bring it back.

  • JKH


  • Rae

    I did not know that Copper was over for the season. I was so ready for my fix and what do I see….DR Who, OMG what a disappointment! Bring back Copper!!!!

  • SteveCO

    I can’t BELIEVE witless BBC cancelled this show. This WAS the only FN thing I’ve ever watched on brain free BBC, and now I’ll never bother again.
    I never watch TV series, yet got hooked on Copper.
    I never BBC had such crappy company officers. Stupid is as stupid does, and at least I’ll never waste my time watching such a pound foolish set of English morons screw up their own shows..

  • Sheila

    Unbelievable!! Finally a great show to look forward to every week and it is canceled! Very sad, will not continue to watch BBC America. Why get interested in a show just to have it canceled after two seasons.

  • E.N.

    Please at least turn into a miniseries! Amazing show, bbc takes risks, please don’t cater to stupid American audiences just like every other channel

  • Sandra

    Sign a petition on to show your support for Copper! For those of you on Facebook, there is a Save Copper group and a Bring Back Copper Group with information on how you can help make a difference. The petitions on that I am aware of are as follows:
    PLEASE get the word out to fellow Copper fans!

  • RKusaf

    In UK “series” IS “season… ignorant Americans.

    • dredzo

      No, they cancelled the show. It is indeed the show’s finale. YOU are the ignorant one.

      • RKusaf

        Again… “series” in UK to “season” in US. You don’t agree? Read a book (in today’s world, just go Google it).

        • dredzo

          I am well aware of the British terminology, however it is not applicable in this instance. Now get over yourself.

      • RKusaf

        You prove my point… obviously a yes man type. Go off what is stated as fact and never think twice, ignorant.

        • dredzo

          Thanks for the non-sequitur ad hominems. Obviously your arrogant is only supassed by your ignorance. Stupid flyboy loser.

          • RKusaf

            Your ignorance is lost on the incorrect spelling of arrogant, is it not? Flyboy? That term was used during World War I… when it was actually the Army Air Corps not the Air Force. You of course knew that right? Being that you can’t even grasp the concept of an avatar image. BTW… it’s a dead link if you haven’t noticed. Have a nice day.

          • dredzo

            Oh, you are so smart. You really are fully of yourself. I bet everyone hates you, you have no friends, which is why you must troll dead links. You have a nice day, loser.

          • RKusaf

            That mirror you keep looking at must be talking back… I replied through the e-mail I got saying you replied to me. It’s actually a novel concept… e-mail notification from a social media outlet. The 2 working hand in hand, e-mail and social media outlet… it’s crazy. Point is… don’t flatter yourself, loser.

  • David

    Really one of the best shows on tv and its cancelled. Can’t say what a bad move that is. Great setting. The cast is great. The writing is top notch. I cant see why.

  • dani

    what! series finale? this is crazy. copper is one of the best shows on t.v. bring it back. I need to know what happens to eva and copper.

  • dredzo

    Why are you cancelling this series? It was the SCHEDULING that was the problem, NOT the series. FIRE THE PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR, and keep the show going!!!

  • dredzo

    This show (Season One) was just released on Netflix, so a much wider audience is now viewing it than before (I’m one of them). Cancelling the show when it has a chance of becoming a breakout hit, and increase viewers for the BBC-A, is sheer insanity.

  • lorie

    what a disappointment! if this was bbc’s highest rated series ever,why not continue?i guarantee the History channel would run with it! BBC,do the right thing,at the very least give us an ending that answers what happens to the characters.obviously,a lot of us want to know WHY cancel at this point/

  • cheryl

    How could this be cancelled??? I got hooked on it several months ago and watched all of the first season and couldn’t wait until this season started. Great show and I looked forward to it each week. the last episode was great and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next…then I find out that really was the last episode. I don’t think it was promoted very well in the states or it definitely would have had better ratings. Very disappointed.

  • vgomes

    OMG!!!!! PLEASE bring Copper back! Don’t leave us hanging. My husband and I LOVE this show. It’s our ONLY reason for watching Sunday evening TV.

  • rene

    OH MY GOSH they cannot cancel this show. I am just crushed…. I love it. I only watch 4 shows and now they are taking one away what is the world coming too…..

  • Michelle

    Seriously, there is no reason to cancel this wonderfully written show!!!! Please bring it back!!!!

  • Rochelle

    Please continue Copper! This show is so awesome!

  • Flowergirl

    Please bring this show back. It was one of the few shows I looked forward to every week. We Americans are sick of reality tv and want shows like this.

  • Susan

    It breaks my heart to know that I will never see a new show of Copper. I eagerly awaited Sunday nights to put myself into a new world. This was a very well written, and the casting great. And now I feel empty not knowing what happens to the characters that I had fallen in love with. It boggles my mind why the series was cancelled when such stupid shows like Kardashians still exist. Just unbelievable.

  • CindyH

    Yes, please bring this show back. I am going to miss seeing it. I really like this show.

  • Janice Drake

    Adding to the growing chorus of BRING COPPER BACK. It’s the only show,worth watching on your network. Sell it, do something, but don’t let it die!!!!

  • chrisinmd

    Please reconsider the decision to cancel Copper, it is one of the best programs on tv. I like BBC -America but the cancellation really is not justified.

  • Jacki

    We are very disapponted that this show was cancelled; especially since they didn’t wrap up anything.

    • polly

      Totally agree. You’re so original.

  • Barb

    I looked online to see if Copper was taking a break like some other shows because Directv didn’t show this as being a season or series finale, only to find BBCA has cancelled it. I can’t believe BBCA is going to end Copper with such a cliffhanger & give no resolution what so ever! Please bring it back! Please don’t leave it like this! Copper introduced me to BBCA, I would hate to have to go back to watching other networks because you cancelled such a great show prematurely.

  • Sarah Marie Sanderson

    I wrote to the BBC to complain about the fact that the show was cancelled. I received a rather curt response that it will remain cancelled, get over it and try some of the new shows. No thank you. I’d rather avoid the BBC if that’s the way they treat their viewing audience. Copper has clean writing, well-developed characters and an exciting plot, but more importantly, a huge fan base. Watch something else and get over it? Shame on you, BBC, for treating your audience like children.

  • Jo

    Love this show- my favorite time in history- old ny five points. Keep it going !

  • Sharon

    Please bring Copper back!! I’d trade Copper for Orphan Black any day

  • Karl

    BBC America? Cancelling Copper? Apparently not enough BBC and
    too much America. I thought you guys had more class than the crass, ignorant,
    unsophisticated lemmings that populate our fair nation, but I am most assuredly
    wrong. It seems pabulum is on the menu in Great Britain as well.

  • Sandra

    Copper fans unite! Sign a petition on to show your support for Copper! For those of you on Facebook, there is a Save Copper page and a Bring Back Copper group with information on how you can help make a difference. The petitions on that I am aware of are as follows:

  • Donna Pearson

    Please don’t take copper off tv. It’s the best show ever. What about Eva? What about Corcoran? I would like to see him happy. At least have 1 more season to finish it.

  • Sandra

    Copper fans unite! Sign a petition on to show your support for Copper! For those of you on Facebook, there is a Save Copper page and a Bring Back Copper group with info on how you can help. The petitions on that I am aware of are as follow:

  • Calamity

    What about Eva? and Kevin’s baby???? And who the heck were those murdered folks in the barrels?? I can’t imagine the writers don’t want to finish their story.

  • lak114

    I cant believe you canceled this outstanding show!!!! Im an American and your programing is so much richer than ours,we looked forward to this series weekly and will miss it! Please reconsider and bring it back!

  • Dutch

    Truly disappointed, I loved this show! This always happens to me…just sad

  • sk

    it can’t be true that you’re cancelling this….but of course it is. Quality programs are much less practical than one more rerun of some inane reality show.

  • Josh Giles

    Man! there is not going to be a third season of Copper? I finally found another good show, the finale was just sept 23 of season 2 and it’s so good. Obvious its not written to be a series finale but only a season finale… Why put Money into another crappy show BBC when you actually have a good one in “Copper”? Ugh Just do everyone a favor and make a season 3.

  • Dave

    This is an excellent show! Acting, Correct History, Costuming, Sets, and story line. Please bring back this show.

  • American

    I found this by accident on Net Flix and it is a fantastic 5 star series. Great photography, great acting, great characters, great story lines. Why would BBC stop? I can’t even get the finale so am swinging from the ceiling in frustration as to what happens next.

  • Emma

    The show may be over over, but I hope they keep the website, especially for the history blogs–the best thing about season 2! Smart, well-written, and absolutely fascinating.

  • Margie

    Please bring this wonderful show back! Network TV gives viewers such crap to choose from…Copper was such a standout – not the usual pointless sitcom crap. This show had depth, great characters, interesting story lines and a wonderful cast! The creators, directors and producers obviously don’t realize (or care) that so many viewers out in “TV-Land” are starved for good shows like Copper. If BBC America does not want to air Copper, maybe the creators can pitch it to HBO or one of the other more “mainstream” networks that likes to take chances with quality programming. Maybe PBS?

  • Diane

    I finally find a good show that has a awsome story line and this is what happens, This is really a bummer! Bring it Back, Don’t let it go. I am a real fan of this Show and i for one will really miss it.

  • Pres

    Copper and Sherlock were the only two shows I followed religiously. Please bring back for more seasons.

  • JB

    This show is gone? I barely found the show halfway through sesaon 1, after which Id had a post-it note hanging on my desk since 2012 reminding me that Copper was coming back in summer 2013. Another BBCA series I really go into was Ripper Street – which is supposed to be coming back in 2014 (another post-it note on my desk).

  • Michele G.

    I really enjoyed watching this show! It was more than just the history of New York, it was the amazing attention to detail seen in the sets and costumes, and the The performances of all actors. I especially liked the friendship shown among very different men, and even the many different accents. So glad Kyle Schmid had skin too!

  • Tammi Kibler

    I wish this show was not cancelled. I looked forward to every episode.

  • Tucker13

    What a screwed up ending.

    • Sandi MacCallum Dunlap

      What ending? that was a cliffhanger for the third season the writers and producers were anticipating. Then BOOM…..BBCA cans it!

  • Sallie

    Can’t believe this was cancelled So disappointing It is so hard to find a quality shows

  • Darrylin

    How can you cancel this show it was the best! Now how are we ever going to know what happened to Eva and if Kevin ever finds love :(

  • Ricci

    So beyond bummed that this show has been cancelled! Figures good TV like this (with actual genuinely good actors) would be cancelled over brain numbing TV, such as Honey Booboo, or the 980th reality cooking show that will probably premier next week… Come on BBC!!!

  • Cici

    Cancelled ?!?!?!! Say it ain’t so!!!! I was wondering what the heck was going on, I thought my DVR was on the fritz. This a great show that I just discovered a few months ago and now it’s gone. I love it and want it back, someone point me to the petition.

  • Gray

    I didn’t know that this was the last episode! I have been looking for it for weeks! Please bring this show back!!!!! I loved the characters, I loved the set, I loved the historical perspective of the times.

  • Heidi

    I can not believe this show was cancelled! It was the highlight of my week.
    I am so disappointed.

  • Sandra

    Copper fans unite! Sign the petitions on to show your support for Copper. On Facebook, there is a Save Copper page with info on how you can help, and a Bring Back Copper group you can join. The petitions on that I am aware of are as follows:

    • Tucker13

      Any by normal people?

  • febe

    Join our campaign to save copper! Sign the petition, join our facebook group! We are making progress!

  • Richard

    This show was a great show! Please reconsider your decision for canceling!!

  • Wolfe

    Please! At least 1 more season to wrap up the story lines. Please!

  • Patti

    We have started a FB campaign to see if we can get our “Copper” back. I am so disappointed that it was canceled and we did not even get a proper ending..Join us at “Bring Copper Back” and on “Save Copper”

  • Elizabeth Ann M Kraft

    #CopperTV #SaveCopper #BringBackCopper #Steampunk #Victorian #CivilWar

    Good afternoon.

    As part of the ongoing campaign to bring the powerful series, “Copper”, back to television, I’m reaching out to the fans on FaceBook.

    I’d like for you to take the time, to view these links. It’s your choice, if you wish to participate, and pass on this information to others.


    1) An “organized” mob, aiming to “Bring Back Copper” :

    2) A page to “Save Copper” :

    3) The “original” petition :

    4) A second petition :

    5) A third petition :


    A hopeless Detective Corcoran, on a devoid balcony … shouldn’t be the last scene, a Copperhead should see.

    ~ The Thug Queen Of 5 Points

  • alice

    Copper was just reaching its stride. Let’s have a 3 season!

  • RtUp

    Outrageous!! Cancelled without explaination. BBC answered my email of protest with I can watch Ripper Street.

  • Denny Reillly

    I am sorrily disappointed with the loss of two of my favorite programs, Copper and Bomb girls. Both touched a part of our history , in different ways. Please bring them back. You left us wanting to know how favorite characters’ lives could or would continue

  • Robynn

    BBC America has lost it’s freeking mind!! Copper is in your face, gritty, bold and brilliant TV and kept me glued to my seat! Screaming at Corcoran, O’Brien and Maquire as they run through the streets to get to Theresa before Donovan kills her!! I am truly heart broken by the actions of BBCA! COPPERHEADS unite to bring back COPPER!!! Join the Facebook pages and sign the petitions. Also, go the the cast fan pages and follow their twitter feeds and let them know you’re in the fight. Make some noise people!!!!

    (Bring Back Copper page)

    (Save Copper)

  • FootCenter

    I realize it’s a waste of time to chime in on this, but indeed shows need time to develop a rhythm & quality often improves over first few episodes, which was the case with copper. Year ago there would be 40+.episodes on in a season & show was given time to gain its footing , and its audience. Season 2 was definitely a step up from 1, and in today’s world of thousands of options, the program really could have used more time to build back audience . Compared to how much poorer stuff is still out there, it’s indeed a shame.
    I do still appreciate orphan black will be back, but would have loved to enjoy anotheryear of ccopper

  • Taylor

    This is my favorite show and one of the best I’ve seen in a long time!! Orphan Black doesn’t hold a candle to Copper. I was impressed with BBC America to air such an great show, however, extremely disspointed in them with cancelling it espeically without any closure to the show. This show deserves at least a third season to have closure.

  • emerald

    First the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, now this. If you want me to beg BBC, I will. Kevin, don’t leave me Kevin. At first I had no interest to view this show, but after I watched the first episode I was hooked.

  • Mike

    It’s greatness hit by dumbness.

    A world leader in literature, education, administration, arts and entertainment and U name it, gets a window to the world in our USA, throwing mostly garbage at us. No value added to a below mediocre regular schedule, no soccer (the creator’s pride), rugby or cricket – not even a brief of them. The world acclaimed NEWS, PANORAMA or NORTON are a shadow of what could have been due to length or programming hour.

    BBC America, a not long ago nobody on the channel list, got recently polished and shined for two seasons with COPPER and a little Luther, Orphan ….DAMN! – I cannot find a forth?!? COPPER got a solid fan base and a water cooler must have talk, as few other shows enjoy.

    As viewers to their ascent we got hooked, made room for them in our quarters and paid to be entertained – in return they take what entertains us away ?!?

    BBCA knows very well what they are doing and it shows how much they value the US audience. We as fans may ask for a return of the beloved show but, this means begging and it degrades our real value, empties the dignifying notion of we.

    Therefore, my opinion is to respond accordingly and draw the curtain on this channel. It’s time to turn OFF the lights. Buy the DVD sets, to honor the artists. Forget the provider who slammed the door in our face.

    Good night and good-bye BBC No-America for you!

  • Kelly

    Why is it that when there is finally a great show on television it gets cancelled. There are so many crappy, stupid shows that are on and stay on forever. It’s frustrating. My husband and I loved Copper!! I hope that the powers that be rethink this decision or at least give us a final show that attempts to end it with dignity!

  • Gigi

    Its baffling that this show’s life span was only 2 series?! I mean Copper has/had more potential of longevity than more than half of the garbage that plagues our television sets. Its script, actors, sets were far more superior than all the mediocre shows that’s being fed to us daily on crap T.V. (i.e. every network out there.) Please BBC reconsider at least giving Copper a proper sendoff. Leaving us faithful viewers with so many unanswered questions and unfinished plots isn’t even remotely fair. With that said, Don’t become part of crap T.V., BBC you’re better than that.

  • ann

    I loved the show it was something different !

  • L’il Maggie

    OK, just learning they canceled Copper here. What the . . . ? OK, I get it, period dramas are expensive to film, but this show was just audacious, and to see it killed when half the shows on TV can’t get from here to there without zombies and vampires to buoy up the plots is really depressing.

  • Olivia

    Please reconsider and bring Copper back! The story lines are great and the final episode ended with far too many loose ends. How can BBC America cancel this program? I don’t understand it!

  • Marilyn

    This cannot be true. Is this right the show is cancelled?!?!? This is a great show. Different and informational. Please do not cancel.

  • Modulum

    How can such a great well written and acted show be cancelled? If this show gets replaced by some piece of crap like Honey Boo Boo, I’ll never support the BBC again. Maybe there’s hope for Ripper Street, two of the best shows on tv right now, and y’all go and cancel one of them (Copper), why? I guess I’ll just start watching Masterpiece on PBS, that’s the only other quality programming out there. So disappointed in the BBC for this show being cancelled.

  • Jen


  • Copper fan

    Please bring this show back. It got better and better until it was cancelled. I vote for another season!

  • truly disappointed

    I truly hate that you are canceling this show – best show on BBC. We actually kept the premium package on our satellite tv so that we could watch Copper. Not sure will will be keeping the package or watching BBC any longer. Truly disappointed.

  • JB

    Please renu COPPERS for another season.

  • Dee

    I LOVE this series! BBCAM has some of the best shows on television! Please don’t take away Copper. I so looked forward to Sunday nights with Kevin Corcoran and all the other wonderful actors in this series. More! More!

  • Ann

    Thia show is wonderful and different. I hope that it comes back for more seasons. I have my entire office watching this show and then we discuss what happens on Monday. It is great! It definitely needs to come back. I don’t know what is wrong with BBC.

  • TanyaB

    I am so furious ya’ll took this show off the air. It was my FAVORITE! Finally a show that had some originality! All there seems to be are movies and shows that recreate the same crap that stinks! This show was great! I don’t know where you people get your info on viewers but its wrong. I know many people who watch this show and love it just as much as I do. Please please please bring this show back. PLEASE!

  • Lynn

    My husband and I have been waiting for the final episode(s) of Season 2 after the boys trip south to hunt down Booth… when it didn’t come and didn’t come I finally had to check the website to find out what was going on. I am shocked to learn that our favorite show has been cancelled. Can anyone tell me WHY???????

  • Chris Budinick

    Bring Copper back, I’m baffled to conjure up just what else could be in the pipe that would garner a larger following.

    As I watched season 2 come to a close I thought to myself that I should pay further attention to BBCA programming… I find that the notion has left me with a horrid taste in my mouth.

  • Anita

    Please reconsider and bring Copper back! This is far one of the best shows on tv! And there is so much to wrap up……why or why was it ended?

  • SergeG

    Given the desire to resurrect the soul of the dearly departed “Copper,” its often-macabre storyline, and the arguably Celtic origin of Halloween, why not dress up your older kids (the ones with condoms in their wallets) as “Copper” characters come Trick-or-Treat time? (Hey! In New York City real-life kids younger than Annie Reilly sing edgier songs than her version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” – like “Walking Down Canal Street”!) Wouldn’t it be great if they came home with some Linzer tarts or maybe a bit of nice fruit cake? Cosplay hints at !

  • Diane Kuncken

    Can’t believe this show isn’t coming back? Finally found a great show, great acting, great action, hot men and bam after 2 seasons the end. Fooeyyyy on uuuueee BBC. Goodbye!

  • jan

    Loved this show. My family and I were soooo looking forward to the new season. BBC, reconsider, bring it back!!

  • sad viewer

    It is just plain wrong to end a series on a cliffhanger. Obviously the folks working on Copper didn’t get enough notice to wrap it up properly. BBC America should have at least given them another episode to wrap things up as best as they could. Another example of profit being all that matters. I’m sure the show was making them some money, just not enough for the greedy artless bastards at the top of the heap.

  • Fan in NJ

    It is so disappointing to end an amazing show with such an open ending. Nothing was tied up in the end and the fans were let down. Its sad that so many fans will now be turned away from BBC America as a network.

  • Guest

    Wow, What a mistake! This IS one of the best shows on TV! Who’s the idiot running this company? Maybe they should run for US Congress…..

  • Edmund Dantes

    I should have known when members of “The Gangs Of New York” crew remarked how jealous they were of “Copper” that it was doomed. What is it the BBC in their infinite delusion assumed they don’t have enough shows about serial killers and need to develop some more? Perhaps they were running short on money to spend on Star Trek re-runs or a car show that we don’t get to see review cars until they are at least five years old? Well. I’m sure they needed more funding to try and convince us how bloody relevant “Dr. Who” is. As history has shown, the true artistry of a show is that the BBC saw fit to cancel it.

    • RKusaf

      Ignorant again… Top Gear reviews cars in UK that don’t make an entrance here until years down the road. Nissan Cube being the main one that comes to mind since it was on Top Gear in 2006, way before the US had it on the road. Moral of the story: stop talkin out your backside.

  • Copperless In Seattle

    Just when i was starting to like the BBC. I will go back to thinking you are just weird.

  • K.Maher

    I’m not ready to give up asking for continuing Copper. There are story lines left hanging…Annie Rielly, Eva’s baby, Mrs. Morehouse’s opiate addiction. Shop this out to another network.

  • dp347

    I read that one of the reasons this show was cancelled is because after Lincoln’s assassination the country was healing and there wouldn’t be much story left. Healing? No story left? That is soooo ridiculous!

    Please don’t cancel this show. I so enjoy these characters and story lines. Please Please Please reconsider!

  • Anne

    Learned today that this wonderful show is cancelled? Who’s brilliiant idea is this? The writing and acting were amazing. The scenery and history awesome. The plot lines were so believable that we (the husband and I) became hooked season 1. I even started with some Irish brogue of my own because it was so addictive. The characters hit close to home for us because any one of our Irish ancestors that came in through NYC could have gone through what those poor persons did in Five Points.
    This is the first show that we have ever watched on BBC and would be disappointed that it will be my last. I see on the program guide and by commercials that there are alot of repeated movies and shows. Would it cost that much more to keep Copper going?

  • anounymous

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  • Brenda

    Just finding out today this show was cancelled. Why??? It’s not even available on demand. I never got a chance to see the final episode. I just got into watching this year and was trying to catch up. I changed my Fios package just to watch this show, I was hooked. Please bring it back!! Your decision to cancel was stupid!!

  • Vanessa Hooper

    Please please bring back Copper! Copper and Ripper Street are all you got. Help save Copper!!! Remember to come and tweet at least one or two times with the hashtags ‪#‎SaveCopperTV‬ and ‪#‎CopperTV‬!

  • Fred

    Please bring back Copper. There is so little originality on TV, and Copper is smart, timely, and absorbing. I would trade all the Top Gear and bad re-runs for one more season of this show. Copper gives BBC America value. Taking it off air reduces the value-proposition of BBC-A. Nuff said.

  • jinxycat

    missing, missing, missing you, Copper. PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!

  • justme

    omg you really are cancelling and probably not reading this. I hope US channel picks this up. want to know why it failed time slot was difficult. i had to program it to watch it. didnt miss a show. this is such a cult show in US. You are making a mistake.

  • blake

    Please bring the show back. I cannot believe after the final show that was it. It was left with a very interesting story line for the third season and room for new charaters.
    It was one of the best shows I had ever watched. I actually stop watching American TV to watch Copper. Please bring it back!!

  • Judith

    Please bring back Copper. The President’s death should not stop the series. There are plenty of stories in 5 Points!!

  • jose

    cancelled? noooooooo please from Spain, nooooooo

  • Greenhorn

    What happened with Copper? It was going along fine – and then it ended with no explanation.

    It seemed to me that the writing collapsed. The final program I saw had the lead actors headed south to find the assassin of Lincoln. That made no sense. It was all confusing.

    What happened?

  • Stephanie Alexis

    It is so hard to find something that keeps me interested on TV these
    days, but Copper definitely Is one of the best shows I have seen in a
    long time. I am sooo upset that it has been cancelled.. I don’t get what
    is wrong with them to think ANY shows are better than Copper. Bring it
    back !

  • olivia

    Bring it back!!!!!!

  • olivia

    Best written show on tv. Pleaseeeeeeeeee bring it back

  • Peggy

    I love both Copper and Luther I want to see them both. Copper was one of the best shows on TV.Its wrong to to cancel these great shows

  • Annoyed

    Are you folk at BBC, NUTS? This was an amazing show with a fantastic storyline. I am sick of network TV with their unimaginative programming. Please bring this show back! My entire family including my 17 year old daughter love the show. Who makes these decisions???

  • steve

    Just found out the show won’t return for a third season. Such a shame, excellent show.

    People just didn’t know it existed. I told several people about it and they were hooked after one episode.

    They really should have done more to promote it.

  • Butch Cavendish

    I can’t believe that Copper has been canceled. Is it just canceled in England or the United States as well? Why is it that all the best shows are canceled?

  • james

    Bring this show back! !!

  • BJ

    It is always the best thought out most intelligent shows on television that are the first canceled. However the vampire, zombie, sexy witch, bachelor, singing shows still survive. What is our world coming to. Please bring this back if for nothing that to keep out society from becoming absolute morons. I loved this show.

  • Jenny

    I loved this show!!!!! Nothing else like it. Great acting, good characters ! What happened??

  • Mandy Parker

    There are so many unintelligent, brain-numbing shows on TV today. This was one show that I looked forward to because it engaged my mind and heart at the same time. It had characters that you wanted to to know and were interested in their stories. Please reconsider and bring back this terrific show. Amanda Parker

  • Brad

    Bring Copper back!

  • christine helms

    While I was visiting VA over the summer with my daughter, it was she who turned me onto Coppers, and in turn it turned me on to other British Series. I go to the library faithfully and have watched all the Doc Martin’s, Call the Midwife, etc, and all because of Coppers. Shame on you for canceling a show with great talent and very entertaining. I hope you are smart enough to bring this back ASAP! It’s a reflection on how BBCA looks to America viewers. You get an audience and now what? Hope this won’t be the norm. I turn to BBCA just because our broadcasting has not been up to par and really was enjoying TV like the old days. Please, please bring it back, thank you, Ormond Beach, FL

  • Kelra

    I can believe that Copper is not going to be renewed another season for a season 3, Very disappointed!

  • howard

    Bring back this show. You are pulling a Deadwood on us.

  • Paula

    Please, please bring this show back! Just finished watching both seasons on Amazon Prime and it was definitely worth the price of the 2nd season. BBC has the best dramas, hands down, and this show was top notch. At least give us one more season to tie up the storylines.

  • Cheri D Kurz

    Are you serious? My husband and I were thinking it should be getting close to air time for the next season of Copper only to get on line and find out BBC America canceled an amazing show! This show was superbly written, produced and performed! Kudos to all those credited with making such an illuminating, authentic, gritty and enthralling program. Bugger off to the power-heads who canceled it!! Come to your senses and bring it back for a movie or an abbreviated season at the very least. Copper’s fans demand an opportunity to say farewell to those compelling and complicated characters!

  • Robin Foster Osorio-Pedraza

    I have just finished watching the meager two seasons of the excellent TV series, “Copper”, and when I say meager I am in no way referencing the “quality” of the series, only the “quantity”. I just went through the same ordeal with another BBC show, “Ripper Street”. I’m American and have thoroughly enjoyed both of these TV series, and cannot understand why BBC makes a habit of cancelling its compelling TV entertainment. Not all of us TV viewers have short attention spans, or whatever it takes or lacks for one to find shallow reality TV shows at all interesting. I very much enjoy both of these period TV series for their attention to historical detail, and feel that both of them have much more life in them if only BBC would give TV series of substance a chance to prove themselves. Hopefully, the efforts of viewers like myself can be instrumental in causing BBC to rethink their cancellation decisions or cause another more enlightened network to pick them up and continue them. I have read of discussions of this possibility and petitioned for just that with “Ripper Street” and will do so with “Copper” as well, beginning here with this comment. I love these TV series and think they are very much worth a longer run. Until now, I have never watched too much BBC, but must say that though I am impressed with their well written, well acted, well set and well produced TV series as the aforementioned, I am not at all impressed with BBC’s judgment regarding the longevity of their TV series. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Drew H

    Great show ends on a cliff-hanger. Hoping we get the “Ripper Street” treatment. Loved “Copper” and it got me watching BBC America, but one cannot live on Top Gear alone. Bring back “Copper!”

  • Tony d

    Copper beats orphan black and ripper street out of the water. can’t stand the whole clone thing it’s over played at least I felt like this could have really happened when I watched copper. No complaints on ripper street it’s pretty good too. Just not as good as copper. BBC you have let me down as a television company you will no longer get my attention even when the new doctor who starts. You know a company did this a while back to a little show called fire fly and that got such an uproar that they got a movie called serinity just bring the show back please don’t be like that company.

  • Erik

    I’m way late on this – but I have just watched the entire first season several times, from end to end – just over the course of this week alone. Please, consider bringing this show back in some shape or form, even if it takes a while. The show could have been given another chance – the first season had so much promise, and amazing quality of the production, and the last episodes of the second season were entirely comparable to the quality of the first season. You have pulled the plug too soon.

    This show would have been worth your time investment – for another season in the very least, to make your network more respectful in the eyes of the viewers, to show that you actually carry things through, that you care, and that you try to provide some graceful endings for any series you start. You have only displayed the lack of commitment to your own programs and your viewers, by carrying out this decision in such a neglectful manner. The cancellation was a bad decision – the show had the potential to be very great. Disappointed.

  • James Horn

    Please bring this series back, it is one of the best series on television. I rank it right up there with DEXTER and DAMAGES.

  • James Horn

    Please bring it back so you can at least finalize events of that period of time. This series ranks 3rd on my list of best series on television, behind only DEXTER and DAMAGES and Deadwood is in 4th place. :-)

  • Sherri Zerkel

    please bring the show back!! loved it!

  • Jennifer Shae Rader-Quigley

    I don’t know how this show could have been canceled. Great story line with great characters. It just makes you wonder… Please bring Copper back!

  • Vicki Ford

    I just finished Copper due to the fact that I got behind with all of my shows when I moved across the country. It is unreal to me how they cancel the best shows and keep the trash they call decent television on the air. I know it’s hard doing a “period” piece. Keeping the details authentic can be expensive, Shows like the American version of Life on Mars and Vegas fell prey to that. The fact that they had a second season shows the ratings couldn’t have been that bad. Copper was quality television in my book. I have an Irish/ Scottish background and it was an eye opener to see what my ancestors went through when they immigrated to this country. The characters were so richly developed and it saddens me that they can just cancel a quality show and leave us fans hanging out to dry.

  • uneasy unicycle

    Please bring this show back! It’s so good.

  • captaingail

    For history and adventure buffs, Copper is the epitome as it brings to life a unique era in our history. Fabulous acting and casting. Please bring it back!

  • Rose

    I just got into Copper and I am so upset at how it was ended. This is a great way to make fans not trust you!! You can’t lead people into investing time into a show and then not give that show a proper ending. Please do the right thing and bring back Copper, even if its just for one more season to end things the right way. Thank you

  • matt matin

    I just started watching this show for first time on Netflix. it is by far, one of the best show ever. I just can’t believe this show has been cancelled. Please bring to show back. I would trade all of the stupid reality shows for this one.

  • Billyjo Jimbob

    What a fucking joke. You hardly heard about this show, then find it to be outstanding. Quality shows like this belong onscreen somehow,the rights should be bought up and continued. Pointless no value shows like HoneeDoodoo are on alot of channels and Copper gets canned? Fckn travesty.

  • Molly O’Keeffe-Salter

    The show should be renewed and is the best series i’ve watched ever.

  • Sandy

    Please… please… please reconsider your decision to cancel Copper. A group of watch in on Comcast On Demand. We love the series and were disappointed to learn that it will not return for another season. We appreciate your reconsideration.

  • Rob

    I have been watching this show with my wife in England and what a fantastic show it is, we compare it to Ripper Street which is a similar show based in London in the1880′s after the Jack the Ripper murders. Please make a Season Three even if it is just to bring some closure. Just a thought, would the BBC over here take it on, but in any case please please make a Season Three as it is too good a show to cancel.

  • Janice Albert

    We love this show in the USA. Please bring it back!

  • Jim

    I’m still waiting for the announcement.

  • jyhzl

    BBC sucks like fox and nbc always making shows that the fans get all happy about then cancel another network I will stop watching u suck wb at least are committed to there shows