Improv Everywhere: ‘Copper’ 1860s Bar Prank

Improv Everywhere: For our latest mission, we surprised random people by turning back the clock 150 years at a local bar, completely transforming it into 1860s New York. We worked with accomplices to invite unsuspecting friends to the Black Rabbit Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The bar was completely lit by candles and kerosene lanterns and was filled with actors in period dress. Beer cost pennies, and music was provided by a live band. By the end of the night, our surprised guests found themselves in the middle of an old-fashioned bar fight.

Created and Directed by: Charlie Todd
Production: Generate
Shot by: TV Boy
Edited by: Deverge
Music: Tyler Walker
Photography: Katie Sokoler – (photo credit for all photos on this page.)
Principal Cast: (in order of appearance) Ryan Karels; Erik Dies; Kent Lanier; Alan Starzinski; Josh Sharp; Cody Lindquist; Amber Nelson; Tyler Walker; Joe Exley, Stefan Zeniuk, Brian Belcinski, Jonathan Erdman, Matt Adams; Kevin Hines

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  • C*

    Looks like fun!

  • Palmetto

    Would I love to be in 1860s New York for one night! Good job.

  • Kurtis Marsh

    never go in a 1860s bar without a GoPuck iphone charger

  • Jesse

    Looks like a fun video to watch but… where are the captions! I’d love to know what was being said in the video!