Writer’s Room: Facts, Observations, and Beards

Series writer Kyle Bradstreet is busy bringing ‘Copper’ Season Two to life, but he has a few observations to share…

  • A writer can, without question, beat an actor in a beard growing contest (note: not this writer, but this one).

Sorry, Morehouse. Writer Kevin Deiboldt wins the best beard award.

  • Watching a Harlem Globetrotters game is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night after a week of shooting. Good idea, Morehouse.
  • Between takes, it’s a pleasure to watch Ato Essandoh (Doctor Matthew Freeman) dance. And, seriously, he can cut a rug.

VIDEO: Ato Essandoh and the cast of Copper bust a move.

  • Negative 9 degrees Fahrenheit is cold. So cold. Oh, Toronto…
  • A lit cigar shoved up one’s nose appears to be incredibly painful for the recipient. (Who writes these scenes…?)
  • Copper‘s multitalented Tessa Thompson (Sara Freeman) performs in a kick-ass band called Caught A Ghost. Check out their song “Hold Out” below.

VIDEO: Tessa Thompson and her band Caught A Ghost perform “Hold Out.”

  • Frightened Rabbit’s new album, “Pedestrian Verse,” is a faithful early morning writing companion. Yes, they’re from Scotland. Forgive me, Sweet Éire.
  • Donal Logue joining the Copper team this year is like adding rocket fuel to an already spectacular bonfire. I mean, the guy kills it in every scene. Our ever outstanding cast has added another family member, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Donal on board.

‘Til next time,
Kyle Bradstreet

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  • Jason

    *nods approvingly at that last bullet point*

  • dfwenigma

    I find it very sad that the series features Richardsonian Romanesque buildings. Henry Hobson Richardon’s style did not begin until the very early 1870′s and most of his public works (and the Beaux Arts architects who copied him were executed from about 1875 to about 1905.) I really wish that when producers put this stuff together they would run the sites and shots past people who have some knowledge of the time period. I’ve seen other inaccuracies as well. Some of the furniture is far too large for the 1860 – 1865 era. Larger “Grand Rapids” style influence weren’t seen until the 1870′s and 1880′s. Very unfortunate.

    • Rob Vaughan

      Yes! The show’s creators seem to be trying to adhere to period details much of the time. But the mistakes in architecture, etc., as you point out, are hard to overlook. The opening credits, for example, feature a collage depicting the iconic Jacob Riis photo “Bandits Roost” and an image of the forensic use of fingerprinting — both of which are from the late 1880s not the 1864 timeframe of the show.

  • monikique

    I like the show, I enjoy the writing, but could you please create better storylines for the women? Also, can you escape the whore/virgin duality that you have going for most of your female characters? It seems that your female virginal characters are weak and cannot handle life’s difficulties. The fact that the pregnant woman couldn’t cope with the changes and the man had to help her see how “natural” the changes were really bugged me. You have some great actresses in your cast but the storylines suck and do not do them justice. Like I said, I really have enjoyed the show and it has some great innovative stuff, but you’re killing me with the storylines and character development of the women.