Extra! Extra! Read All About ‘Copper’

With the premiere of Copper just three days away, the internet’s all abuzz with Coppermania. The cast has been working the press circuit, and below are some of the rave reviews and must-read interviews:

The Insider: Franka Potenta Introduces You to ‘Copper’
Insider.com: One of the characters asks what Corcoran sees in Eva. How do you see their relationship?
Franka: You’ll see it unfold more and more over the season, but they’re friends with benefits, f*ck buddies, whatever. More complex layers come later and while I don’t think Eva would ever admit this, she’s more romantically involved than Corcoran is.

- Jarett Wieselman

The New York Daily News: Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson: Why ‘Copper’ is proving its mettle on TV…and not at the movies
“What was going on in New York then was fascinating,” Levinson says. “You had the Civil War, you had friction with immigrants, you had civic corruption, you had the divide between the wealthy and the working class, you had the start of social movements. You had a lot of the problems we still have today. You see how New York’s problems would become the country’s problems.”

- David Hinckley

‘Copper’ Premiere Party (Aug. 15, 2012): Kevin Ryan, Tanya Fischer, Dylan Taylor, Tom Weston-Jones, Anastasia Griffith, Kyle Schmid, and Ato Essandoh line up for their red carpet mug shot!

AM New York:  ‘Copper’ star’s old-time New York state of mind
AM New York: Any big drawbacks to doing a period piece?
Tom Weston-Jones: A curse for us, when you’re filming this, is if you break a prop, you can’t go to a shop and pick out a particular try of lantern from the period. … And I did break a few things. The props guys, I love them, but I’m glad I didn’t get some bad voice-mail messages.

- Scott A. Rosenberg

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘Copper’ mines classic American themes
“‘Copper’ has much to recommend it: action, passion and great performances arising from an exploration of classic American themes. It could turn out to be TV gold for BBC America.”

- David Wiegand

The Boston Globe: BBC America’s ‘Copper’ casts a spell
“A trio of un-uniformed cops chase bank robbers, shoot them, pick their pockets, steal from their loot — then retreat to their girlfriends, prostitutes living above a bar in the squalid Five Points slum. The cops look just like the crooks. It’s all strange and very Wild West.”

- Matthew Gilbert

Co-stars Tom Weston-Jones and Franka Potente play “friends with benefits” Detective Kevin Corcoran and Madame Eva Heissen.

Newsday: ‘Copper’ Review: BBC America Original
“The characters hold promise, the show looks swell, the stories reflect rich history and the makers have earned our trust.”

- Diane Werts

 Associated Press: A New Western Series Set in the East
“‘Copper,’ BBC America’s first original scripted series, is hearty and smart. Corcoran is compelling in his moral conflicts and in his doggedness at sleuthing for justice.”

- Frazier Moore

Still not sold? Check out more reviews on our press page. And don’t forget to tune in this Sunday, August 19th at 10/9c for the series premiere!

Gretchen Hansen