Episode 7 Recap: Love, Lies, and Liquid Fire

The date is October 18, 1864. We open on lovers Elizabeth Haverford and Kevin Corcoran – Elizabeth’s literally humming with joy, and Corky’s sporting the biggest smile we’ve seen all season, a cocky postcoital (I believe this is one word) grin that’s quite adorable. It’s a lovely scene that’s instantly ruined when Detective Buzzkill brings up his favorite topic of discussion – Annie.

Elizabeth insists Annie’s livin’ the good life with a respectable family in a house with ocean views in San Fran, aka Fantasy Island. She spins her web of lies, sealing each untruth with a kiss, and Corky laps it up. He’s just relieved Annie’s not with John Reilly, that lunatic child molester claiming to be Annie’s father. Cue Elizabeth’s panic face – the look of a woman who just realized she pawned off her adopted child to a deranged psychopath. Oops?

After a failed attempt to rescue Annie (Ms. Haverford could use a tutorial on intimidation from Eva), Elizabeth turns to Morehouse for help. His advice? ‘Fess up to Corcoran, and fast. “Corky is like a mad dog,” Robert warns. “The longer he chews on the bone, the sharper his teeth get.” Wise words, but alas, it’s too late – Mad Dog Corky is already chomping at the bit.

Say what you will about Annie, but for better or worse, the girl is a brilliant manipulator. She convinces her husband he’s about to get lucky, and the second he loosens her shackles, she grabs a scythe and disembowels the guy. Annie hightails it back to Five Points, where she gives Kevin the lowdown on where she’s been. Judging from Kevin’s reaction, it might be a good time for Elizabeth to make like Jasper and set sail for Halifax.

But she doesn’t. And then this happens:

But oh, it gets worse. Elizabeth heads to the Morehouse mansion to make a few more bad decisions…


In other Five Points relationships gone horribly wrong, Maguire and Lockwood’s engagement is officially off. Turns out Mary was blackmailing men listed on abortionist Grindle’s ledger. Lockwood allegedly heads to England with another guy while Maguire heads to Eva’s Paradise to get naked and belligerently drunk.

But not all love is lost – the Freemans are expecting!

Five (More) Points

Who’s a Southern Sympathizer?
This week Morehouse makes a new friend – a terrorist named Thomas Kennedy. If Lincoln beats McClellan in the upcoming election, Kenney (a former Union war prisoner) plans to burn New York City to the ground. (Spoiler alert: Lincoln totally wins.) So has Morehouse turned to the dark side?

Playing with Greek Fire
Kennedy’s secret weapon is Greek Fire, a combustible liquid that catches fire without a match, and is so potent it can burn on water. Greek Fire was the weapon of choice for Byzantines in 678AD, but good luck trying to make a batch today. The original recipe was lost.

Quotable Copper
“Hey, it’s a whorehouse. People are trying to concentrate.” – Corcoran to a wailing Maguire

Title of the Next Episode: Better Times Are Coming
We doubt it.

RIP John Reilly.
In hog heaven.

So, what did you think of last night’s episode? Will Corcoran ever forgive Elizabeth? Is Morehouse in cahoots with terrorists? Anyone inspired to become a vegetarian after saying goodbye to John Reilly? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Frank Gustafson

    No, I don’t think Morehouse is in cahoots. I think he is trying to get on the inside of the terrorists and put a stop to them. There is also a good chance that Elizabeth is a part of them, weather she knows it or not. As for Elizabeth and Corky, I got to give it to her, she did try to get Annie back, but keeping it from Corcoran, that was a mistake. It would take some doing on her part, to get Kevin’s forgiveness. Nope, still love pork. And Annie, she is a lot more resourceful and clever, than anybody thinks. Love the show and everything in it.

  • natalie

    please bring elizabeth and kevin together again.

    • pen

      I would like to see Corky realize he’s really wronged Elizabeth. She should not have kept Annie’s whereabouts from him, but I can understand why she did. Annie is a troubled and violent little girl. When she knocked Elizabeth into a table she could easily have knifed her, had she a weapon at hand. I feel sorry for her, but Elizabeth realized that Annie is dangerous and thought a father might be the best person for her. She was shaken by Annie’s screaming, but the little girl had been acting out all along so how was she to know? And now Corky is not doing Annie any good by feeding her fantasies and her potential for jealous rage. The nuns might be the best place for her; they might help her not to hurt herself or anyone else. It’s sad, but she is really, really damaged and needs the kind of help Elizabeth and Corky cannot give her. Also, if Corky brings Ellen home and thinks Annie can be a surrogate daughter, how long is will Ellen last?

  • Bonnie

    As I am currently living outside of Sandusky myself I was very interested in the remarks made concerning the prisoner of war camp on Johnson’s Island. Just about everything said about the camp’s cuisine was accurate. The one remark I found appalling was that the “fine citizens of Sandusky” paid ten cents to be rowed across the OHIO RIVER to get a look at the prisoners. Someone has their geography horribly wrong. They would have rowed across part of Lake Erie/Sandusky Bay. The Ohio River separates Ohio and Kentucky.

    • Michele

      It was my understanding that the prisoners at Johnson’s ate the same thing at the guards but at half rations. Also, they weren’t mistreated like Mr. Kennedy said unless they tried to escape. The show would have done better by history if they had used Elmira instead. I would have loved to have seen the good people of Sandusky cross the Ohio River to get to Johnson’s Island. That would have been a feat of biblical proportions.

      • http://www.facebook.com/peter.koenig.35 Peter Koenig

        Robert Cobb Kennedy – the chief incendiary plotter, and the only one apprehended – was an escapee from Johnson’s Island. I took his exaggeration of the conditions as an attempt to gain sympathy. The “rowing across the Ohio” bit was an error. When I heard it, I initially thought the character hadn’t been at Johnson’s Island at all and was perhaps a Union undercover agent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.koenig.35 Peter Koenig

    Good episode, the Johnsons Island thing notwithstanding. Morehouse is clearly infiltrating the Rebel indendiary plot on behalf of the Union. The hog thing reminds me of Deadwood.

  • http://twitter.com/apollopriestess Priestess of Apollo

    Oh Corky, you are right, he is the biggest buck kill, talking about Annie after sex ? Then giving her a bath, putting her to bed where she is now back to her very inspiring manipulation of Corky. Who looked like had been crying when he went after Elizabeth. It was the one night right?
    Back to Ava who is next on Annie’s hit list, and she watched them have very rough sex. They were having it because he is angry with Elizabeth for so many reasons, and he thinks she’s the one manipulating him, when it is dear Annie.