Episode 2 Recap: Break a Leg, Corky!

Before we get recapping, a big thanks to everyone watching. The fan response has been incredible, and we’re thrilled you’re enjoying the show. We just have one favor to ask. We’ll need your full undivided attention here. If you should come across a distinctive gold locket, engraved with the letters E and C on its face, it might have pictures of a man and little girl on the inside…you really need to let Detective Corky know. And if you have any theories about the missing locket, feel free to leave your Copper commentary in the comments below.

In true Fontana fashion, this week’s Copper installment held quite a few twists and turns, culminating with the death of two characters. If you haven’t seen Episode 2 yet, now would be a good time to bail. This is your official spoiler alert.

“Kevin Corcoran, you were a troublesome child and you’ve become a troublesome adult.” – Sister Agnes Clare

Poor Corky. The good detective can’t save his dead daughter, so he’s hell-bent on protecting Maggie 2.0, Annie Reilly. Protecting Annie is a full-time gig – Winfred Haverford wants to bed her, Contessa Pompadou wants to employ her, and John Reilly, Annie’s ex, wants his ten-year-old wife back. The job’s high risk, too – in a scene not recommended for the squeamish, Haverford’s lackeys happily fracture Corky’s leg, as a painful reminder never to meddle in the sordid affairs of rich Manhattanites.

Crippled Corky calls for the Doc, and Doctor Matthew Freeman schleps all the way from Carmansville to Five Points, resets Corky’s leg and saves the day. Kev cooks up a pretty solid scheme for a guy tripping on morphine: Molly will bring Annie back to the bordello, offering the girl to Pompadou for quick cash, and all Copper viewers will assume Molly is a two-faced bitch. Then…TWIST. Molly is revealed as one of Corky’s co-conspirators when Winnie takes the bait and comes calling for Annie, only to get stabbed in the heart. Madam Pompadou meets a similar fate, and the Copper character death toll chimes twice. As for the hero in all of this, even with his busted leg Corky manages to make it back to his house in time for a visit from Sergeant Padraic Byrnes. There, Corky tells the Sarge he had nothing to do with the double homicide, he was home on the mend the whoooole time. “You’re a smart one Corky,” says Byrnes, frowning. “You really do remind me of my dead brother.”

Five (More) Points

Meet Daddy Morehouse
We met Norbert Morehouse this week, and with him come a whole load of Daddy Issues. Robert will do just about anything (besides cut his muttonchops) to impress Father. Norbert isn’t easily wowed. “Robert’s mother drank spirits until she became one,” he tells Haverford. He’s convinced his drunkard son is headed down the same boozy path.

Leave Tungus McClarty Alone!
Corcoran gets a lead from Molly that Tungus McClarty might have something to do with his daughter’s death and his wife’s disappearance. Cue the beat down. For the record, Tungus was just rifling through Corky’s home for food and valuables when he found Maggie’s body – so yes, Tungus is a dirtbag, but not a stone cold killa.

Rags to Riches
Elizabeth Haverford has agreed to adopt Annie Reilly. Any predictions on how Annie will handle the transition from whorehouse to Fifth Ave.?

When Irish Fists are Fying
Elizabeth Haverford better watch her mouth. “I find that the Irish – at least the women – to be deeply committed to their faith. And yet, despite our efforts, the men remain to be uneducated, superstitious, violent….”

Are awesome.

Loved seeing Corky and Annie get their revenge? Will Elizabeth Haverford make a good mom? Will Robert ever impress his dad? Have we seen the last of Mr. Reilly? Discuss!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Midniteinmke Annabelle Havlicek

    My take – the locket belongs to his wife, the pictures are of him and his daughter and I even think near the end of the second episode he says find the locket and he’ll find his wife.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Midniteinmke Annabelle Havlicek

    If you have an HD TV, you might want to take your speakers off “surround.” You’ll then here it better. Or, you might want to engage “surround.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.houllis Nicholas H Houllis

    Ok, I love the show but I have a question. How did a man with a broken leg get inside the 2nd floor of a brother, he obviously didn’t get in unseen through the guarded front door. I saw kiara unlock the window, does that mean he was outside on the ledge? again, dude’s leg was broken did he climb in spite of that?

    Anyways, seriously dig the show but that bothered me, I need a believable explanation, well I don’t NEED one but i want it damn it.

  • http://twitter.com/jenita19 J CordovaByford

    Love this show….its great television. My first time every watching BBC America and I recommended this series to all my friends!

  • SariLep

    OK so where’d the nickname Corky come from? The last name or is he from county Cork?

    • http://twitter.com/Prncssmn7 Tiffany Towns

      Corky is short for Corcoran, his last name.

  • blaze6947

    Who is the little girl at the end of episode 2? Is it his daughter?

  • SergeG

    So very sorry to see this splendid series end. :-(

    BTW, no one ever mentioned that the character name “Annie Reilly” is a clever allusion to the famous New York City con artist “Little” Annie Reilly (born 1844), who would several times use the personal alias “Kate” – the very name of Annie’s dead identical sister in “Copper.” Only an inch taller than five feet, the Wikipedia article on her writes “She was said to look much younger than her age and was both charming and intelligent.” (This is a cunning reference to the fact that lovely Kiara Glasco is actually quite a bit older than the character she portrays.) Before the series ended, Copper’s Annie would even heist some jewelry from Elizabeth Haverford – the very type of valuable which the original Annie would typically nab after intimately insinuating herself into a wealthy household.

    Hey! I don’t I deserve some Copper swag for figuring this out? It’s not as if I’m asking for some “Copperhead” from any of Eva’s girls!