‘Copper’ Soundcheck: The Music Guide

If you’ve been doing a jig to the Copper soundtrack, you can thank Brian Keene, the mastermind composer behind the show’s musical score. Keene is also responsible for the rousing Copper credits theme, a killer jam that deserves another listen:

In Episode 1, “Surviving Death,” Detective Kevin Corky’s early morning routine was set to the tune of “I Shall Not Walk Alone,” a somber, soulful number by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Listen and weep:

We’ve had more than a few inquiries about the music in our Copper extended trailer. The spot features the vocal stylings of Brit rocker Richard Hawley (profiled HERE by Anglophenia), singing “Leave Your Body Behind You.” Rage on:

And finally, a song that may come in handy on your next trip to the pub. In the premiere saloon scene, the patrons of Eva’s Paradise drank to the chorus of the popular Irish folk number “Lanigan’s Ball.” Learn the lyrics, and take a shot every time someone mentions Lanigan. (You’ll definitely have a ball.)

If you’re still craving searching for the perfect 1864-inspired chart topper, swing by Copper writer Kevin Dieboldt‘s blog, where he offers a playlist of copper and criminal hits.

Police and Thieves: The Ultimate Copper Spotify Mix

What songs belong on the Copper soundtrack? Sound off in the comments below!

  • http://twitter.com/BarbFerrer Barb Ferrer

    If you’re looking for suggestions, anything off Robert Plant/Alison Krauss’ RAISING SAND would so fit with the ambience of the show. The music so far has been phenomenal.

  • trebrut

    There are dozens of solid Irish traditional singers and musicians who could contribute the soulfull and the robust for you. But what is missing most is the uilleann pipes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/smaccallumdunlap Sandi MacCallum Dunlap

      They won;t be missing for long. Jerry O’Sullivan was recording pipes as per a message I saw on another musicians page on Facebook. She is also recording on whistles as well.

  • Daniel

    I thought the too – brief clip of Blind Boys from Alabama ” I Shall Not Walk Alone ” somehow just fit right in. Copper is unbelievably amazing.

  • Beverly

    When will there be a soundtrack available? I hope to hear some versions of Carrickfergus in upcoming episodes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.bryla Kevin Bryla

    Whiskey in the jar!

  • Kells

    Who sings, I believe it is, ‘Flannigans Ball’ in the first episode? Could be something else though, in the pub. I rather enjoyed it. :)

    • Kells

      Or now that I think of it, it could be Lanigan’s Ball. Sorry. XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.scotty.roberts Scotty Roberts

    I loved the tin whistle piece when Anastasia Griffith quietly asks Corcoran for vengeance to be enacted on her husband for the murder of the young girl. Anyone know what it is…?

    • pearl o’dea

      Yes, it’s composed by brian keane, and the whistle is performed by Joanie Madden. She is one of the worlds best and has some incredible whistle albums – “Song of the Irish Whistle” the best selling whistle album in history.

  • MJ delMonte

    come on a little Dropkick Murphies perhaps

  • Ilya Gromov

    There are only snippets in the show, but I would like to hear full versions of hymns kids sing in the shelter. What hymns are those?

  • Zoob

    when will the theme music be available on itunes please. Love it

    • http://www.facebook.com/ericmace Eric Mace

      available now on iTunes!

  • PeteA

    Is there going to be a Copper soundtrack?

  • Misty

    It would be great to hear something from Gaelic Storm. Love there music!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rsebecca Rebecca Sears

    The Beginning theme music!! I’d definitely buy it just if that was on it.

  • anonMuffinman

    what is the theme song called in the beginning of the show? That Irish tune that was in departed and stuff to..

  • http://www.facebook.com/smaccallumdunlap Sandi MacCallum Dunlap

    If you are interested in the music being played on the show, look for music by Joanie Madden (whistles and flutes), Eileen Ivers (fiddle), John Whelan (button accordian), Jerry O’Sullivan (uilleann pipes) among others. I know Joanie, Eileen, Jerry, and Anna Colliton (on bodhran) are recording music for the show. Joanie posted that on her facebook page.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tara-Ligon/1353896419 Tara Ligon

      There’s an awesome collection of Irish trad. Musicians for you. i ‘ll second the motion for a soundtrack…

      • Sandi MacCallum Dunlap

        John Whelan was back recording again for the show earlier in the spring. Not sure who else was back playing.Most of those folks I mentioned live in the Metro NY area.

  • Allison

    You should add the lovely music that played in the first episode when Elizabeth asks Corky to make sure Kate Riley’s murder is avenged. Corky watches her out the window as she gets into a carriage, while the music plays. Sounds like flute and guitar, with some strings behind. It’s gorgeous and I would love to be able to listen to it all the time. I can’t delete that episode from my DVR because I want the music.

  • Michele

    the theme music from Copper sounds like another version of “Shipping up to Boston” from the Departed movie

    • http://twitter.com/WillyAdama Daniel Appleton

      It so definitely does ! This song kicks it old school school.

  • black_velvet_band

    Does anyone know what song the guy in the street is singing at the beginning of “A Day to Give Thanks” episode?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tara-Ligon/1353896419 Tara Ligon

      The song is ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’.

  • oz1111

    Theme song, guy singing Irish song solo,whistling, – it’s all cool – take everything you guys did – except for the scene where Annie’s father takes her from Elizabeth Haverford – I saw that scene once and it made me cry and every time I come to it on the DVD I skip over it because it hurts too much to see it – anyway take everything else and put it on a 2-CD Copper season 1 soundtrack and we’ll buy it. Repeat with season 2 . . .

  • sithigh

    I’d like to hear the version of “Wearing Of The Green” from the lad’s at the bar in
    02×02 “Aileen Aroon”. I’d be fun for a sing at the nearest Irish pub.

  • L

    Is it possible to purchase the other songs that various singers sing on the show?

  • Johnny McConeghey

    anyone know the song in season 2 episode 2 aileen aroon? i learned that aileen aroon is a old irish song, but wondered what the newer sounding song that was played towards the end

    • Kels

      God be with you by The Cranberries

  • Giglee

    What was the song played on the Piano in I Defy the To Forget episode? I can’t find that anywhere.

    • Derp

      Nocturne for Piano No. 7 in C# minor, Chopin

      • The Cirta

        Thank you.

  • Ava Keller

    Can you tell me the song that’s playing at the end of episode 2×03 ?

  • Jayo

    So is everyone here saying that Brian Keane didn’t write the theme for “copper” but just added to it???

  • Iti

    Does anyone know what song the guy in the whore-house is singing in ep.4 “The Empty Locket”?

    • Shawna Bryson

      It’s Avenging and Bright. By Thomas Moore

  • Mikey

    Been searching all over but can’t figure out what the song is in the season 2 trailer shown on the Being Human season 5 DVD. It’s not the Iron & Wine one. Lyric sample: “She is the rose, the reason the rain will fall down and wash away the pain…” Anyone help please?

    • Terry Baldwin

      It’s called “She is the Rose” by Matthew Griswold

      • Mikey

        Wow thank you so much! I posted that 5 months s ago and just tried back today for the first time! Owe you a need :)

  • SirNavid Persian

    What was the piano song from begining of season 2 episode 4 in Copper?

  • Chris

    Does anyone know what the organ music playing at the beginning of ep 1X07 is?