The Brass is Back: ‘Copper’ Season Two Announced!

Copperheads, your prayers have been answered. We’re thrilled to announce that Copper is returning in 2013 for an all-new season! In 1864, Detective Kevin Corcoran was New York City’s finest…but what will 1865 hold for your favorite Five Points detective?

Excited about another vacation to Five Points, NYC? Catch the Copper Season 2 trailer below, and leave your predictions for the upcoming season in the comments!

  • S.

    Yay! So excited to hear this! Really didn’t want season 1 to be the end! I look forward to the first season finale and seeing what season 2 holds! :D

    • Carol Palmer

      Hoorah, Copper is renewed, this a wonderful show with a superlative ensemble cast and crew.

  • Fan1

    So glad!!! So excited! Congrats to an excellent cast and crew.

  • Jo

    Congratulations! Well-deserved because it is an amazing show! I can’t wait to see what we’ll have in store for next season! :D

  • Deirdre

    Awesome!!!! I can’t wait ’till next summer!

  • Diane D – Florida

    ‘m really excited that “Copper” is coming back for a second season. However, I’m really disappointed that we have to wait until summer of 2013. That’s so no fair!!!

  • LuvtheViking

    YES!! YES!!! I’m so damn happy! I was really scared but now i’m dancing all around the room! Great show!!

  • Linda

    Sooooo glad, but it will feel like forever til summer comes around again :( Still with a show this good, something to look forward to for sure!

  • Kim Beatty

    I am willing to wait; I was so hoping there would be more! My husband and I are hooked on this show!

  • Todd McIntyre

    Hooray! “Copper” has been renewed! The character of ‘Robert Morehouse’ is te coolest character on television since “Happy Days.” I hope the producers recognize the potential of that character. Det. Kevin Corcoran can be the lead and develop the escapade, and Robert can be the white knight that ALWAYS has Kevin’s back covered! Long live “Copper!”

  • Sanette

    This is great news! Thank you BBC America, Copper is an amazing show!

  • Sally Bartlett

    I’m happy but why do good shows have to have seasons? why can’t they just be on all the time? Back in the day, I love Lucy and Rawhide didn’t have seasons…LOL

  • JW

    My day is complete!

  • Jason Kleinman

    by far one of the best shows on television!!! I am super excited that there will be another season and hopefully many more!!!!

  • Jim

    I hate when the episode ends. Thank you for renewing!!! Union victory parade I’d gather?

  • Crystal

    Fantastic! I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. It’s gritty and raw… better and more enticing than anything ABC or CBS or NBC airs. Aside from The Walking Dead, it’s the only other cable show worth watching! I only hope they introduce a Bill “The Butcher” Cutting-like character! Or a young Bill “The Butcher” Cutting. That would be awesome!

  • Jeannine Bold-Maloney

    I’d never heard of Copper until my daughters called me from a Long Island railroad station and said “Hey Mom, there’s a sign here for show show called Copper. It looks like something you would like.” I actually had cable installed for the first time in 18 years just so I could watch this show. Great show and great news that it’s been renewed!

  • Kris Darney

    The feedin’ of Annie’s “Husband” to the hoofed creatures. Just deserts.

  • Jan Bruce

    Thank God for small miracles!!!! I can hardly wait for next season!

  • Cookie Scalph Schuerg

    Copper, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, The Killing, Hell on Wheels…love them all.

  • Katherine

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!

  • dori

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, BBC American, I love you. You have made my day. Yea!!

  • BurrRobson

    Good! I love this show.

  • Kate Freess

    yayyy! but next season can we please dispense with the plot and just get right to the costumed pornography? kthanks

  • Eric Alan Weinstein

    Thank you! Who says nagging gets you nowhere?

  • Iowa copperhead

    yayayayay!!! Can’t wait!

  • Dave Bakker

    Great opening credits

  • Mike Pacak

    Thanks BBC America, looking forward to Season 2.

  • Kay Sim

    Thank you, thank you BBC America for Copper Season 2. Go ahead and film season 3 as well so that you can air it right after season 2.

  • abby mason

    Do a marathon of Copper please ….we were out of town for 3weeks and Copper was unavailable…so sad8(

  • Peter Koenig

    Excellent. Now I can exhale.

  • Body

    From France, thanks you !

  • Lauralynn Abnet Adams

    I love Copper! It’s an amazing show! Some of my relatives lived in New York during this time period, probably In five points! None of my family was well off.. So it’s awsome to see how they lived! My husband and I visited New York 15 years ago! It was awsome so much history you could feel it! Anyway, glad you are back for season two. Woohoo!!

  • Lauralynn Abnet Adams

    My five favorite moments were when he fed Annie’s husband to the pigs! When he threatened to slit Elizabeth’s throat, when corky found his wife, when his wife told him she killed their daughter, did not see that coming! And when he put his captain up against the wall!

  • Lauralynn Abnet Adams

    I would love to win a badge for my three year old granddaughter! Awsome!

  • Nicki

    awesome………..I hope kevin finds out that Eva killed Molly :)

  • Terri Sapp

    Great news, but it’s going to be a long, cold winter without Copper on Sunday nights!

  • Evelyn F. Altheimer-Fain

    Fantastic series. Glad it will be back next year. I only wish it has more episode per season.

  • kerry

    This is 1 of the best show on tv now……

  • Nancy

    Best news I have gotten all fricking week!!! But WHEN does season 2 start??? I know in 2013 but WHAT DATE???? At least give us a date to look forward to……!!!!!!

    • Gale Brownlee Casto

      I heard the date is March 3oth.

  • lagrimas

    Good show

  • Kim Silvis


  • Lisa Rey

    Best new show on t.v. in years!! Thrilled that we will get another season, congrats to the entire cast and crew for a job well done!!

  • A Lizzie Walker

    Thank God, the show is being renewed! Love this show. As for 1865, well we knew Licoln will be assassinated soon, the war will be over (on paper that is) and the hell of reconstruction. As for the characters, who the heck knows! All I know is that I can’t wait for next season.

  • Rickamundo

    Excellent news! My husband and I loved this series. Now the wait is on for Ripper Street!!

  • garrison.marie

    We love Copper ,I am so glad they will be coming back in 2013,Thanks

  • Mooma Cluda

    i am soooooo glad that we’re gonna have a season 2, I just love this show and Corky is my favorite character. He really is a very noble person.

  • Mooma Cluda

    As soon as the season 1 comes out I’m gonna buy the DVDs. I think that they come out on Oct. 30. Yaaayyy

  • Kedves

    We are in England and think the show is great, it certainly deserves a Second Series. Lets hope it is as good as the first, I look forward to it release.

  • Carol Palmer

    I love this show, the cast, the plot wound around actual history, and the scenes in 5 points and uptown. A real award winner. I can’t wait until next summmer.

  • Nina Hobson

    i am suffering withdrawals over this show’s hiatus already! i can’t predict anything because i’m still trying too pick my jaw up off the floor over what has already happened. congratulations on being renewed and on becoming my favorite show.

  • Artie

    How did Corky’s wife go missing and why? Also who killed his daughter? Did we miss an episode?

  • Jessica Cowley Hixon

    Yeah! So glad there will be another season.

  • Vito J. DeBellis

    The best freaking show out there! Thanks for a GREAT season, can not wait for season 2. Thanks!

  • Oracle of DelTy

    I tried to tune in to watch my favorite show tonight but nothing on, Are you kidding me, I have to wait till Summer 2013 to see a new show??? Was a fantastic season, great going BBC

  • Michael

    Hot Damnnn!!! This is the “funest” and most “on the edge of your seat” since I don’t know when. So glad it’s been renewed!

  • kelliegirl

    I am a total fan of Copper and have watched what has turned out to be Season One. There is a constant tension throughout the drama. I absoutely love that it is a period piece. Love the Irish men and the rawness of the survival. What I’m very upset about is that Copper was going to be my go to Sunday night winter series. And all of a sudden….nothing ! I’m very happy that it has been renewed for a second season. It should be. Its sooo much better than the other networks. Its like watching a movie every week. I immensely enjoy the characters. But to not air it until Summer 2013 is totally unacceptable. Tell me why I should be a dedicated viewer of Copper if it isn’t going to air for another 7 to 9 months from now. That isn’t a series! I’m totally annoyed and disappointed. Don’t ask for my loyalty if you are not going to be consistent on airing the product.

  • I am so unbelievably glad to hear that this show has been renewed for a second season. I cannot wait to see what will come!

  • Cocoblue27

    Love this show. Wish it was back right now.

  • Shannon

    Love this show, but hoping Sarah will come back as less of a sniveling wretch…

  • Jerry

    thanks, great show. Greetings from Holland

  • georgigems

    When it is returning? Anybody know dates?

  • Ann

    Fantastic show! I just wish the season was longer! Can’t wait for Season 2.

  • andrea

    I love this show and grew up in NY and I don’t get BBC so for Xmas I got Copper Season 1 as a gift and watched the whole season over two days completely enthralled by this show and now I have to wait till after summer to even buy series two or have someone DVR this for me…why, oh why do we have to wait Barry Levinson?

  • JR

    COPPER is finally a show worth watching. The acting is spectacular, the characters enthralling…….. But are you serious? Not returning until the summer? Almost a year from the last season? Not GOOD

  • M. Alexander

    Critics are comparing “Ripper Street” with Copper, saying Ripper Street (fairly good in it’s own right) is better? I see the critics are wrong once again! We need more great dramas like like Copper, what we don’t need is any more reality-tv crap.

  • Pat

    Great show, one of my faves. So glad it’s coming back.

  • Hope S.

    When is Copper coming back? I’ve been looking forward to seeing the new shows!!

  • Minnesota-Testbarn Residency

    so glad!!

  • Elaine

    I can’t wait for the new season. I hope they show season one before they start season two. I’d love to see it again!!

  • Annie

    Glad copper is coming back,love the show and love corky!!

  • Paula Winkler

    Are you kidding me? That isn’t a trailer!

  • JWren

    Im tired of waiting, this show is too good to wait so long between seasons.

  • Kat

    I really like this show – I could not wait to see the new show each week during Season 1 — I am very excited about Season 2 starting this Summer! Great job with the casting of the characters ♥

  • LisaY

    Just discovered the first season of this show on Netflix. Been watching every day. Totally addicted! Can’t wait for the new season!

  • Mareah

    Glad Copper is coming back. One of My favorite shows. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Copper. Best shows on TV.