A Very ‘Copper’ Holiday Gift Guide

Want to give the Copper fan in your life a holiday gift they’ll love? Since you can’t book them a stay at Eva’s Paradise or hire Kevin Corcoran as their personal bodyguard, here are five of the next best options:

Copper Season 1 on DVD
Packed with plenty of 1864-style extras, Copper Season 1 on DVD is sure to hold fans over until Season 2. Featuring all ten episodes from the first season, the DVDs also include episode commentary from series stars, exclusive deleted scenes, a “making of” documentary, character video profiles, and never-before-seen featurettes – perfect marathon material for lazy holiday vacay days. Buy It >

Copper Pint Glasses
Enjoy a tall cold one while watching your favorite series? Pick up these Copper pint glasses and cheers to Detective Kevin Corcoran kicking ass. Buy It >

Copper Brass Knuckles Mug
Coffee should pack a punch, and Detective Corky’s brass knuckles mug adds just the right amount of kick to your morning caffeine fix. Buy It >

Copper Brass Knuckles T-Shirt
Give a fellow Copperhead this stylish brass knuckles t-shirt, and they’ll look almost as cool as a real New York 1864 officer. Buy It >

Copper Series 1 Savings Set
Save on swag with the quintessential Copper holiday present – the Series 1 Savings Set, complete with Copper DVDs, the official Brass Knuckles t-shirt, and the Copper logo marble coaster set. Buy It >

Happy holidays, Copper fans! See you in 2013!

  • Les Dus

    To the historians who write this stuff. Episode 7 introduces us to Confederate sympathizers; one of whom claims to have been interred at the Johnson Island prison near Sandusky, Ohio. His remarks regarding the proximity to the Ohio River would have gotten him in trouble early on if he were a spy as the Johnson’s Island Prison was located off the shores of Sandusky, Ohio which is at least 100 miles NORTH of the Ohio River which he claimed to view from the prison. He had a better chance of seeing Canada then the mighty Ohio river. Just saying, historical accuracy makes a big difference when your writers are trying to achieve the goal of realism.

    • caitthagreat5

      Glad you noticed too! I actually grew up on another Lake Erie island nearby Johnson’s. the ohio river would be more along the lines of 200-300 miles from Sandusky. good try bbc writers.