‘Copper’ Caption Contest: Five Points’ Finest: WINNER!

Congratulations to our Copper caption contest winner, Hannah Stone!

“Did they just put in a new pool?”

Honorable Mentions:
“Oh, man, is that parade float from Eva’s Brothel?” – Sally Bartlett
“Well I’ll be damned. Never thought Morehouse could run that fast with one leg.” –Dan Carelli
“Scoping for chicks, 19th Century style.” – Jill Stanton

Stop by next Wednesday for round four of the Copper Caption Contest. Thanks to all the fans who entered!

Have a witty caption for this pic of Maguire, Corcoran, and O’Brien?

Leave your Copper caption in the comments below, and we’ll pick our favorite to feature on the site! The winner will score a sweet Brass Knuckles T-Shirt AND Copper tote bag. So leave your best zinger below, then stop back here tomorrow at 4PM/3c to find out who won week three of our Copper caption contest!


Gretchen Hansen