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Episode 7 Recap: Love, Lies, and Liquid Fire

From Detective Corcoran's abusive meltdown to Elizabeth Haverford's brutal betrayal, get a recap of the highlights and throwdowns on last night's Copper.

Where to Watch ‘The Hudson River School’

If you missed last night's Copper, you missed Corcoran's flip out, Annie's revenge, some drugged drinks and deadly liquid fire. The good news is you can still catch all the Copper action you missed.

The Wild Raid At St. Albans: Confederates Invade Vermont

Detective O'Brien's wife was right to be anxious about a possible terror threat, because a group of Confederates managed to raid a town in Vermont just 15 miles from the Canadian border. Get the deets on the Vermont raid from our partners at Gothamist.

Watch to Win Tweet Sweeps!

The Copper Watch to Win Tweet Sweeps is back, and this week the prizes are even sweeter...

Writer’s Room: Just Desserts

"Writing the fruitcake murder was a fun challenge - lighter in tone than most of our other cases, much more absurd..."

‘Copper’ Caption Sleeping Corky: WINNER!

Look who we caught snoozing on the job. Have a witty caption for this pic? Hit us with your best shot.

Episode 6 Recap: Let Them Eat Cake

Deadly fruitcake, bad dental work, and the perils of regifting... get the "Copper" highlights (and low blows) in a recap of the latest episode, "Arsenic and Old Cake!"

Miss Last Night’s ‘Copper?’ Here’s Where to Watch ‘Arsenic and Old Cake’

If you missed last night's Copper, you missed a hilarious trip to the dentist, the death of yet ANOTHER main character, and a steamy hook up between...well, we won't spoil it. Find out where to watch!

Temptations Of The Washington Cake

A fruit cake from Nellis' Bakery becomes part of the (double) murder mystery Detective Corcoran is trying to solve, but another offering from Nellis' caught our attention: The "Washington cake" that a very hungry Detective O'Brien buys to immediately devour.

Writer’s Room: Blowing Smoke

Kevin Deiboldt offers a glimpse inside the Copper writer's room, where they're reviewing...fart sketches?