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The Wild Raid At St. Albans: Confederates Invade Vermont

Detective O'Brien's wife was right to be anxious about a possible terror threat, because a group of Confederates managed to raid a town in Vermont just 15 miles from the Canadian border. Get the deets on the Vermont raid from our partners at Gothamist.

Episode 6 Recap: Let Them Eat Cake

Deadly fruitcake, bad dental work, and the perils of regifting... get the "Copper" highlights (and low blows) in a recap of the latest episode, "Arsenic and Old Cake!"

Temptations Of The Washington Cake

A fruit cake from Nellis' Bakery becomes part of the (double) murder mystery Detective Corcoran is trying to solve, but another offering from Nellis' caught our attention: The "Washington cake" that a very hungry Detective O'Brien buys to immediately devour.