3 Questions, 2 Biscuits, and 1 Cup of Tea with Tessa Thompson

Settle in, and make a cuppa… it’s 3 questions, 2 biscuits, and 1 cup of tea with Tessa Thompson!

Hear from Sara Freeman about what talents she wishes she had (hint: the combo would be quite a feat!), why her dream pet might also keep her warm in the winter, and the time she almost drank a snake in Japan!

  • Ginnifur

    Can there be a third season? I hope so, but I don’t see how. How much more pain can these characters take? I hope Annie comes back before the second season ends.

  • KatielovesTomWJ

    I hope Annie never comes back……and I pray there is a third season. I love Sara’s dignity. Her first season as frightened house mouse got old, although I can certainly understand it. And yeah, they might have jumped the shark with “I AM WOMAN” Sara after a single conversation with Frederick Douglas, but I love Sara this season. Every woman needs a Sara as a friend. Girlfriend tells it straight!

  • CooperFan

    I hope Annie comes back too. Annie is a unique character for television and one who hold historical accuracy for the period. The actress who plays Annie is terrific.

  • SergeG

    Thanks for the straight line, Ms. Thompson: I strongly suspect that Eva has a job waiting for any pretty young woman brave enough to hazard swallowing a snake…