Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

Vegas or Bust

Two mighty nations, Team U.K. and Team U.S., face off in the ultimate on-the-road culinary challenge as the two teams of eight chefs cook their way across the country from Los Angeles to New York City.

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Episode 2

Bison Battle

The teams are each given an incredible cooking ingredient in New Mexico: an entire bison – 400 pounds worth.

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Episode 3

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

The teams have to live off the land for three days in Grand Mesa, Colorado while hunting, fishing and foraging for food.

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Foreign Exchange

11 chefs remain as the teams head to Dodge City where they are each given a £10 note to cook their way to Oklahoma by preparing 6 classic British dishes.

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Episode 5

Rolling Food Fight

With 10 chefs left, the teams head to Fort Smith, Arkansas where they must make as much money possible out of a food truck.

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Episode 6

Hot Sauce Hustle

Only 8 chefs remain as the teams head to St. Louis, Missouri after a hot sauce road selling challenge.

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Episode 7

Pizza on the Go

With 7 chefs left, the teams head to Springfield, Illinois where they must make as much money as they can out of a pizza oven.

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Episode 8

Fishin' Around

With only 6 chefs remaining, the teams head to Lake Erie to catch some fish and prepare a fancy dinner for the locals at a yacht club.

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Episode 9

Hot Potato

With only 4 chefs remaining, the duos must use nothing but a sack of potatoes to cook-off in Baltimore.

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Episode 10

The Finale

The final three chefs make it to New York after a grueling cross-country journey where they set up street carts placed on a crossroads in New York City. Who will win the $100,000?

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