Stan Frazier (43) – Los Angeles

Stan Frazier, born Charles Stanton Frazier, is the competitions ‘wild card’. Not a professional chef, but a drummer in the rock band Sugar Ray, he has been playing and touring with the band for 24 years. Aside from Sugar Ray, Stan also produces and writes music, and develops media projects. Stan is more than just a musician though, he is also a passionate home cook, and his love of food and all things culinary is as strong as his love of music.  

Having been on tour for more than 15 years, Stan has hustled around the whole of the USA and the world, and after getting sick of all the ‘backstage deli-tray hell’ he started pulling meals together for all his friends and band mates on the road. While on tour, it was Stan who would be up at 5:00am going to farmers markets and picking up incredible food, as well as bringing home exotic pantry items in his suitcase. He’d cook up feasts for everyone on the road whether it be by the side of the bus, back stage or in grotty hotels, making him the ‘kitchen b**ch’ on tour. He describes himself as ‘part Keith Moon, a pinch of Jamie Oliver, and a splash of Will Ferrell’.

Stan also part owns a restaurant in Newport Beach, as well as constantly watching food programmes and reading cook books. He describes himself as a ‘sort of misfit’ in the food world, but his passion and his ability to create something from nothing makes him an invaluable addition to Chef Race. He sums it up perfectly when he says ‘I’m not classically trained but have a few decades of street experience’.

Stan currently lives in Newport Beach with his wife Jennifer and 7 year old daughter, Anabelle. 


Stan has made several TV appearances with the band, and has featured in feature films Scooby Doo and Fathers Day.