Sophie Michell (30) – London

Sophie got her first kitchen job at the of 15.  At 19, she was nominated for the Craft Guild of Chefs “Young Chef of the Year Award” one of her proudest acheivements, and has since worked at some of London’s most glamorous restaurants, including the Michelin starred Lanesborough.  She has been a private chef to supermodels, movie stars and heads of state and has made several T.V appearances, including judging the U.S “Iron Chef” series.

She claims cooking is her main focus and solace. Once Sophie left school she dived straight into the kitchen and went onto formally trained at Strode College and Butlers Wharf Chef School.

Sophie has published four books including her latest “Love Good Food” and is trying to “break America,” however she feels like she’s lost touch with real cooking, and isn’t getting much satisfaction from staring at a computer screen for months on end.  She is here to prove that she’s still got it, to herself, the competitors, and the world!

Regarding the trip, Sophie is most worried about having to pack all her clothes into a back pack for the road, favoring traveling to beautiful parts of the world and drinking with friends, to roughing it. However, she is forbidable and is confident in her abilities to make things happen for herself, proving she is a real chef capable of creating more than canapes for “yummy mummy’s.”

Sophie currently lives in London but extensively travels to France, Beirut, Italy and Greece.

Previous TV Appearances

-“Great Food Live”

-“US Iron Chef School”

-“The Fit Farm” – Channel 4

-” Cook Yourself Thin” – Channel 4