Robin Bodwin (37) – Raleigh

Hugely competitive both inside and out of the kitchen, Robin is set to make it to New York, and nothing will stop her. From the age of 2, Robin was in the kitchen cooking up a storm with her mother, and her love of cooking has never ceased.

Having finished high school, Robin went straight to the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After two years of hard work she graduated and hit the ground running. She trained for a further two years in fine dining restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina, before packing up her things and moving to California. While in California she worked as a private chef to a professional hockey player as well as providing food services for companies and families. Robin then set up a catering company with her best friend and business partner Brian Dobbin. Together they produced high-end, boutique-style catering for events and private functions; they even were featured on TV Series, “Top This Party”, something Robin is incredibly proud of.

In February 2011, Robin decided it was time to go back to Raleigh and her family, where she currently has her own catering company and works in a successful restaurant.

Robin is also a keen athlete as well as a certified Crossfit trainer in 2009. She enjoys many sports including skiing, tennis, riding bikes, mountain climbing, horse riding, kayaking, and Yoga. And if any of her fellow competitors cross her, she won’t mince her words, as she states herself she’ll “say what I mean and mean what I say.” Don’t mess with Robin, she will eat you for breakfast!

Previous TV Experience

-“Top This Party” – 7 part series.