Rebecca Marshman (19) – Surrey

Rebecca is the young chef that everyone will want in their kitchens! At the tender age of 19, she’s already won a treasure trove of awards, including the coverted Apprentice of the Year from the Craft Guild of Chefs. She was also the National Ambassador of the scheme in 2011.  Rebecca’s career began when she did an apprenticeship at the famous Westminster Kingsway College in London.  As a Commis chef, she worked in every aspect of the kitchen and honed some priceless skills, and has worked in famous restaurants such as Rules, London’s oldest restaurant, as well as the Hilton Park Lane and Gavlin, a Michelin Star Restaurant.

Now qualified, Rebecca recently moved on to new pastures and left work in the kitchens of Claridges, a luxury hotel in London’s Mayfair to take part in “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S”.

She is determined to succeed in whatever she does and is full of energy, funny stories, and is wise beyond her years.  If she does lack anything in culinary experience, she makes up for it with volume, and sheer force of personality, which will open doors for her in the states.   She wants to prove a point for all the female chefs in the world; “I’m a female in a male dominated environment, and I want to prove that girls can hack it.”

If fellow chefs doubted her ability, Rebecca is oblivious to it. She is full of life, with a real cheeky sense of humor – although like most teenagers, she admits to being stroppy when she’s tired. She doesn’t want her age to hold her back as she has already achieved a lot, and now she’s ready to take on the world.

Rebecca lives at home with her “amazing” mom. Coming from a close family, who have supported her every step of the way, has enabled her to pursue her dream job, and achieve so much in such a short space of time. Her greatest achievement so far was winning ‘Apprentice of the Year – 2011’ for the Craft Guild of Chefs.

When asked why Rebecca wants to be part of Chef Race she said, “…life should be full of adventures and I want as many as I can get.”