Phoebe Lapine (26) – New York

Phoebe is the girl next door who loves nothing more than feeding friends and family. She started cooking at the age of 7 when she opened “Phoebe’s Restaurant” – a greasy spoon joint at her grandparents house. Since then, her active imagination has remained but the quality of her food has gone up! Born and bred in New York City, where she continues to live and eat, she is now a cookbook author, private chef, and caterer.

Having graduated from Brown University, Phoebe co-founded a food website in 2008 called “Big Girls Small Kitchen” to inspire fellow twenty-somethings to get into the kitchen and start cooking, with easy to follow recipes that could be cooked in small spaces with limited resources. Her first cookbook “In the Small Kitchen” is based on the website concept and was published by Harper Collins in May 2011. Phoebe is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Serious Eats, The Daily Meal, LearnVest and Shape Magazine. Her recipes and cookbook have also been featured in The New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Glamour Magazine, something Phoebe is very proud of. Having left the “Big Girls Small Kitchen” to pursue other culinary adventures, she now chronicles her recipes, writings, and kitchen shenanigans on her blog “Feed Me Phoebe”.

Phoebe has had no professional training and is proud to be totally self-taught. She also describes herself as “the hostess with the mostess,” as she loves nothing more than seeing people enjoying her food. She gravitated towards private chef work and catering as she didn’t want to hide behind closed restaurant kitchen doors. Instead, she loves being invited into peoples’ homes to cook for them and their guests. Phoebe believes, “personality definitely comes into play, and luckily I’m the type of chef that adds a heaping tablespoon of charisma to everything I do.”  But watch out fellow chefs, Phoebe may appear to be as sweet as honey but she is determined to make it to her home, New York, and she will use all her charm to hustle her way there.

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