Mark Lloyd (36) – Oxfordshire

Mark grew up in the Northumberland and would wile away the hours as a child, catching fish, and exploring his environment.  In his teenage years he became adept at shooting and hunting. His first real ambition was to be a game keeper, but he was warned against this by a family member, who quipped “There’s no money in that.”  With no formal training, Mark’s first big culinary break came at the age of 21, when he covered for a sick chef at his friend’s restaurant in Spain.  He stayed there for nearly 4 years.

After Spain he worked as a Sous Chef at the Cow and Plough in Leicester, where he started a trading scheme with the locals; swapping the pub’s home brewed beer for game, food from allotments, excess meat from farms and anything else to help produce a great menu.

Mark currently lives in Oxfordshire, but staying true to his roots, Mark now runs wild foraging courses, and aside from David Attenborough is one of a handful of people in the country allowed to take anything from the SSSI Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire.  Chef, forager and wild food expert, Mark Lloyd has over 20 years experience of cooking with wild, foraged, seasonal British produce. Mark has also trained millitary personnel how to cook in the most challenging situations, and is an accomplished tracker and hunter. He’s a firm believer in nose to tail eating – using every part of an animal, and having raised his own pigs, sheep and cattle right through to the slaughter process feels a great responsibility for his food.

Mark is a huge character who totally believes in himself and his own abilities. Being a natural leader, Mark is never one to shy away from a challenge. He can be brutally honest about fellow chefs and will NEVER settle for second place.

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