Ed Hoar (31) – London

With no formal training, Ed is an incredibly experienced and passionate cook. He first started cooking professionally when he was 15 and worked at the local pub. Since then he’s worked for a friend’s catering company for six years, as well as being an assistant manager of an up-market delicatessen in trendy Clapham.

Not just a whizz in the kitchen, Ed is a talented pianist and is in a five piece indie band.  Ed is also a keen painter, putting his History of Art degree to use in his spare time.

Although mild-mannered and creative, Ed admits that he can be fiery – particularly when fellow chefs are not meeting his standards, admitting “If someone’s crap, I’ll tell them.” He hates to see a chef that has lost their passion, and would rather they left the kitchen than put in a half-hearted effort.

Recently Ed has been working as a freelance chef. He has worked part-time in the culinary world for a while, as he worries that a full-time slog in a kitchen might cause him to lose his passion for all things culinary.

Ed says the idea of combining travel across America with his love for cooking, is what inspired him to be part of the show. He’s happy to sit back and let a situation develop, but he’ll also set his perpetrators right.