Don Peavy Jr (34) – New York

Don Peavy (aka Don PV) is the catering queen. Charming, personable and charismatic, Don will bring a bit of flamboyant flare to “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.”.   He currently lives in the heart of New York with two of his friends, and is a “party chef” for the largest events and catering firm in the city, as well as cooking for private clients.

Initially Don wanted to follow his dream as a performance artist, and worked in restaurants to make ends meet, however it wasn’t long before his “culinary adventure” took over and he left dreams of Hollywood behind. He has worked in many places from restaurants in San Francisco, to being a sous chef in a raw vegan kitchen, cheffing at Jersey Shore’s most popular steak and seafood restaurant, to his current job. Don is also very proud to have cooked for many famous people including TV Chef Carla Hall, Madonna, Oprah and Obama.

Don is thrilled to be involved in “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.” as “…adventure is what I’m all about and if that adventure includes food, even better.”  But Don isn’t all about fun and frivolity! His experience makes him extremely versatile and he is also fiercely competitive, making him a tougher customer than his competitors can imagine. He says, “I have worked with friends who love me however would consider me an a***hole because of my attention to detail and I tend to micro-manage.” Watch out fellow chefs, Don is here and he’s in to win it.