Cody Utzman (34) – New York

Cody Utzman is “Mr Seen it All and Done It All”. Since becoming a cook when he was 17 years old, he has traveled the globe, using his culinary skills to get him from place to place. Cody graduated from college after a two year culinary course, and his real journey began. Throughout his travels, Cody says that cooking has been “his corner stone of his adventures” and has given him the chance to experience culture, people and places. He’s cooked his way through the mountains of Wyoming, to the tundra of Alaska, to the desserts of Arizona. He has lived and worked at a Buddhist temple in Hawaii, an Eco Resort in Nicaragua, and the beaches of Costa Rica.

He has also been a private chef in Boston before returning to New York nearly 7 years ago.  Surprisingly, moving to New York has been Cody’s toughest challenge yet. He says “unlike any other place in the world, rarely forgiving and never patient, New York City will eat a young chef alive!” But Cody has thrived, since being in NY. Initially he has worked in several restaurants where he experienced many styles of kitchens. He then went on to open his first serve restaurant in 2007, three more restaurants followed in the next 4 years. Although extremely proud of his achievements, Cody believes opening his restaurant empire has been “the ultimate test of my strength, ability to overcome all challenges, determination to succeed and resolve to WIN!”

Cody’s father told him when he was 15 that “success comes to those hustle wisely” a philosophy that Cody has lived by ever since, and it’s this mantra that Cody used whilst on the road throughout “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.”. His determination makes him fierce competition and a towering presence on the journey. He says of himself “I am always going to be the dominant voice in a group, especially when it comes to cooking and the kitchen!” Watch out chefs, here comes Cody!

Previous TV Appearance

-“Chopped” – Food Network