Caroline Mi Li Artiss (32) – London

Caroline Mi Li Artiss is one of the first TV chef’s to be discovered on YouTube in the UK. Her passion for food and making cooking easy, enjoyable and accessible has quickly led to Caroline accumulating a large online following. She decided to produce her own cooking show from her kitchen, paying friends with food in exchange for equipment and technical knowledge.

Caroline is half Malaysian and half English which is reflected in her style of cooking. She has been cooking for 16 years and trained to become a chef at Thames Valley University in London.  Caroline has worked in restaurants, done private catering and went on to run a small yet lively kitchen in central London for an Innovation company called What If, where she was involved with product development for brands including Waitrose, Pepisco and Kraft.  Caroline still works on product development for large food brands such as Old El Paso, Jus Roll and Green Giant.

As a single parent, Caroline has overcome a number of obstacles including working full time and studying for a Food and Nutrition diploma, but Caroline succeeded and now runs her own catering business. Her passion for great tasting and healthy food led her to team up with several nutritionists to help people with food intolerances. She created no-fuss recipes to accommodate her clients’ busy lifestyles – including England and Premiership League Footballer Joleon Lescott.  It was at this point in Caroline’s career that she began filming and producing her own YouTube videos.

She says she has had to hustle her whole life, in order to juggle raising her daughter Beth, who is now twelve, while trying to pursue her dreams of becoming a famous chef. She is warm and kind, but says that she has a “cooking alter-ego,” which surfaces when she is underestimated or put under pressure in the kitchen. She feels her exterior leads people to the conclusion that she might be a push-over, but she says she is determined and has no problem cutting out the competition. Her passion for adventure and cooking is what inspired her to go for “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.”.

Previous TV Experience

-Her own YouTube clips

-13 Episode Malaysian Cookery Series being aired in Asia.