Carlo Peretti (38) – Yorkshire

Carlo Peretti was raised in the North of England. A Yorkshire boy he received his initial training at Thomas Danby’s Culinary School in Leeds, England. He then received an International Hospitality & Tourism Management Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA.

In 1995 at the age of 21 he moved to America, initially for just a placement year. Based in the state of New York, Carlo joined the New York Wine & Culinary Center. Prior to that Carlo was Executive Chef at various locations in the area including the Esperanza Mansion and Thendara Inn & Restaurant. While working in New York State, Chef Carlo has cultivated relationships with local growers and producers which he uses to further enhance the New York Wine & Culinary Center’s mission as an educational and experiential gateway to New York State’s incredible wine, food and culinary industries. Chef Carlo’s national and international experience, passion and creativity add a unique flair to using local ingredients.