Bianca Rose (34) – Los Angeles

“Sweet as Pie” Bianca Rose is the owner of Sweet Dreams, a gourmet dessert delivery and catering company based in L.A.  As a young girl, Bianca Rose loved cooking dinner for her parents.  Using her wild imagination, she pretended that the garden window was a television camera as she joyfully demonstrated her creations using the ingredient, she believes, is most important, love!

Having had a successful career as a creative executive in the entertainment industry, Bianca decided to make changes in her life and a few years ago she pursued her passion for cooking. Leaving her job on the Friday, she started at Le Cordon Bleu on the Monday and has never looked back. Since qualifying she took a leap of faith to make her ‘sweet dreams’ come true and now her passion for culinary art and baking has made her buns hotter than any convection oven.

Having set up her successful business, Bianca is now turning her attention to her other great love, TV! She believes that “Chef Race: U.K. vs.  U.S.” will combine her favorite things, food, film, and faith! Bianca’s drive on “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.”  is to make her husband and parents proud, but more than that, Bianca is also determined to demonstrate her strong belief that food can be used to inspire and encourage people. She truly believes that positivity and good grace will get her far in the competition. Bianca always says ‘”try being nice…everything tastes better with a little sugar” but she is more than just smiles, her kindness is not to be confused with weakness, Bianca is hugely competitive and competent and, most of all, she is in it to win it.

Previous TV Experience

-“Cupcake Wars” – Seasons 2, 3, 4/ Food Network/ Baking Assistant

-“Halloween Wars” -Seasons 1, 2/ Food Network/ Baking Assistant