A Rolling Food Fight

This week, the 11 remaining contestants report to Forth Smith Park in Arkansas. They’ll have to prove themselves by impressing the judges (and their customers!) and making the best eats on the run from a food truck.

Foreign Exchange in a Dodgy City

This week, the teams head to Dodge City, Kansas,  an old frontier town of the Wild, Wild West, to the iconic Boot Hill Museum.

Where to Watch ‘Chef Race’

Own ‘Chef Race: U.S. vs.

Fishing, Foraging and Hunting in Grand Mesa

No kitchens in this episode, folks! This week, the teams camp out in the wilderness of Grand Mesa, Colorado, and have to live off the land.

Cooking Bison in New Mexico – A Recap of Episode 2

Team U.K. arrives in Church Rock, New Mexico minus one chef, as the two teams learn that their next challenge will be to butcher and prepare an entire bison. But bison won’t be the only thing being butchered in this episode.