If You Can Make it Here…

After weeks of blood, sweat and tears, the final countdown to the finale has begun. With Mark out of the way, Brit chef Johnnie Mountain battles it out with American bromance Stan and Cody for the final prize of $100,000.







The three amigos (let’s just forget the fact that Johnnie hates everyone, especially Cody) meet up in New York City on the corner of Broadway and 23rd Street, where judge Richard Corrigan and host Claire Robinson give them their final challenge, which is to sell a menu of their competition’s oddest ingredients in their own food carts. Who will have the most ingenuity to create and sell a killer menu out of bison meat and pickled pig’s feet and and make the most profit within only six hours. Only two chefs will move on from here.

Johnnie, the last Englishman in New York, tries competing with the American’s sense of salesmanship with his snarky humor, which only goes so far. At the end of the day, the heat gets to Johnnie, as well as the price of Cody and Stan’s menu, which is nearly twice as much as his. But Johnnie refuses to ‘rip people off.’

The final tally:

Johnnie: $264.90

Cody: $494

Stan: $273

Stan barely squeaks into the finals with Cody, as they head to the Yotel Hotel on the West Side of the city.

Watch Johnnie’s exit interview.

Guest judge Todd English joins Richard and Claire for the final challenge, which will incorporate the last 9 legs of their culinary journey. The chefs each get $500 to open their own mini restaurant and create a stellar menu.

Cody sets up his restaurant and titles it ‘Frankie’s,’ named after his deceased father. His menu consists of family and farm friendly food, including calf’s liver, nile perch and peaches & cream.

Stan’s restaurant, ‘Squash Blossom,’ is named after a nickname Stan’s mother gave him as a child, and he passed on to his daughter. His menu consists of chilled drunken avocado soup, New Zealand lamb chops and lemon honey custard. Stan is making a three course menu with two choices for each course, a variation from Cody’s strategy of a straight 5 course meal.

The chefs get a welcome surprise when their families show up! Cody’s mother and grandma as well as Stan’s wife and daughter travel to the hotel for moral support. But at the end of the day, the chefs still have to focus.

It’s time for the final presentation and Todd English, Richard and Claire, along with a table of dinner guests, weigh in on the menus. Todd English isn’t a fan of Cody’s dessert and Richard isn’t too impressed with Stan’s undercooked lamb chops, but the guests tend to lean more towards Stan’s menu, which ultimately turns the tables in his favor, and he is crowned the winner!

Stan’s emotional win is a thrilling American success story for the underdog.






Watch Cody’s exit interview.






Watch Stan’s Victory Speech!


Gina Scanlon