Fishin’ Around

This week on ‘Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.,’ the teams head to Luna Pier, Michigan where host Claire Robinson and judge Richard Corrigan announces that one of Team U.K.’s chefs will head over to the Team U.S. side for a fishing challenge on Lake Erie. The Americans choose Mark because they know he has good fishing skills, and won’t try to sabotage them, like they think Johnnie may try to do.

Team U.S. on Lake Eerie

Once the teams catch their fish, they’re off to cook their dishes for some local yachtsmen, and the judges, who want one raw, one steamed, and one fried fish dish for the checkpoint challenge. Team U.K. manages a win, in part to Johnnie’s poached fish. But Team U.S. gets props for Stan’s Ceviche and Mark’s Walleye Brandade, which made this win rather controversial. Team U.K. is awarded with 116 pounds of yellow perch to cook with.

Team U.K. chef Mark’s Walleye Brandade


  • 3 fillets of Walleye
  • 150mls of whole milk
  • 150mls of water
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 sprig of thyme
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic, peeled and left whole Good olive oil.
  • 2 slices of fresh white bread


Poach the fish in the milky broth until just cooked, 7-8 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. Pick the fillets from the skin while warm and make sure there are no bones, place in a food processor. Strain the milk, add the garlic clove to the picked fish, retain some of the milk. Remove the crusts from the bread and tear the soft middle part into the fish. Blitz or pulse this mixture while slowly adding a thin stream of olive oil, until a light “paste” is formed. Check the seasoning with salt and pepper. Blitz a little further, add a little of the milk to make a smooth mousse. Serve on toasted baguette with some freshly chopped parsley, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of good olive oil.

Team U.S. Stan’s Ceviche Dish

Once the Checkpoint Challenge is completed, the teams head to the Detroit’s Eastern Market to set up their food stations and sell their fish dishes.

Cody at the Great Eastern Market in Detroit

Team U.S. squeaks out ahead with total earnings of $1,398.80 to Team U.K.’s $1,100. Which means Team U.K.’s three chefs have to cook-off in a double elimination round making a souffle and accompanying dessert at the Rattlesnake Club. And even though Johnnie claims that souffle’s is one of his weakest desserts, he comes out ahead with a chocolate souffle and a bacon and eggs dessert. Sadly, that means the two girls remaining in the competition have to say goodbye.

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  • Amy

    Perhaps this show would be more popular if the Judge did not discriminate against the U.S. The fish challenge obviously should have been won by the Americans, except every time the judgement is close, the head judge chooses the Brits. The British chefs always make rude comments about Americans in general and about our manners and morals. They are in our country hoping to sell things and promote things to us and in the interviews they speak badly about us as Americans. Some of the chefs representing America may be rude and underhanded but their comments were not directed at the British culture. Also the head judge is always rude when speaking to the American chefs like it almost pains him to be civil yet he tries to encourage the British chefs, perhaps next time BBCA should employ a judge that is completely impartial and from another country. I was so interested in watching this show in the beginning hoping to see both cultures cooking incorporated into each of the challenges.

    • Kim

      Oh Amy, I am with you!!! I was rooting for the Brits because I figured they were the ones with a disadvantage being on US soil. But every time I hear the derogatory comments about us it just makes me angry and disgusted. To say Americans “obviously” don’t have morals. I am not a fan of Cody. Don’t really like him but I am getting tired of being insulted because of where I was born. So maybe I will stick to the Americans without morals. Since we are all the same.

  • scr

    Really dont know how you came to this conclusion…came across that the UK team loved America . You are right about Richard Corrigan though… inconsistent with his comments towards both teams ..not the best choice of presenter !

  • Tony

    Kind of happy I forgot this was on, why does a show need to do so many double eliminations. Do not think they will be doing another us vs uk here or over there

  • KathB

    Richard Corrigan is not British. He is Irish. One thing Brits always say about Americans (without justification, usually) is that they are bad at non US geography. Please don’t live up to this unfair stereotype.

    • Amy

      Just because I do not know where someone was born does not mean that I do not know Geography. In every Geography class I was in we never discussed the origins of individual births. Perhaps you should be chastising the contestants on the show for accusing Americans in general for having low moral values, no appreciation for history, and an inferior taste level. This is a cooking show and should be judged on the food that is presented and I feel Mr. Corrigan whether Irish or British is easier on the British Chefs in every challenge than on the American Chefs. (Of course this is just my opinion and I am entitled to it because the last time I checked the UK and US are both free countries.) My previous discussion was about a statement made on TV by specific chefs in the individual interviews and was not a discussion on my grasp of academic Geography or lack thereof.