Hot Sauce Hustle

Team U.S. at the St. Louis Arch

Only nine chefs remain after the teams head to St. Louis, Missouri, by way of Memphis, Tennessee, where they are asked to conceptualize a BBQ sauce recipe, come up with a name and marketing package, and sell as many bottles on the road as possible.

At last, Bianca returns to Team U.S. but it turns out that they already have too many cooks in the kitchen when it came to making a BBQ Sauce. They break into teams, making two separate recipes, but Pippa thinks that Cody‘s recipe is far too sweet to be a BBQ sauce, so they ultimately go with hers. Next, it was time to come up with a name. They decide on ‘Uncle Sammies’ American BBQ sauce, but Cody isn’t happy with it, nor does he like the slogans they come up with, including “It’s un-American not to buy this sauce.”

Meanwhile, Team U.K.’s Johnnie comes up with an extremely hot sauce that the team loves. They come up with the name ‘Bad Ass’ for their BBQ Sauce, and decide to go with a logo of a donkey to play up the name and be tongue-in-cheek. On the way to St. Louis, they stop by a motorcycle shop to sell $475 worth of sauce to the owner. Now, that’s bad ass!

Team U.S. are finding it harder than usual to sell their product, but they head to Beale Street in Memphis to try to sell some cases. While Cody appears to be slacking a bit, hanging out by the truck, the others take to the streets to speak to people about their sauce. Bianca, who is especially bothered by this, vows to bring this up later.

After the teams make it to the Checkpoint Challenge in St. Louis, at Straub’s Gourmet Market, they are instructed to select two chefs and cook a meal for the judges with their sauce, plus pitch it to the owner of Straub’s, who will decide which sauce he thinks would sell the best in his store. Cody and Phoebe present for Team U.S. and Caroline and Johnnie present for Team U.K. In the end, Team U.S. pulled out a win due more to marketing, and not their recipe. However, when the judges tally the overall profit margin for the two teams, it appears as if Team U.K. came ahead by a little under $1,000, which makes them safe.


In another brutal double elimination round, Team U.S. has a tough decision to make on which three of their contestants will cook-off. They ultimately go with Stan, Bianca and Pippa, as Cody and Phoebe turned out the Checkpoint win.

The three chefs have to prepare a smoked dish with three sides for the owner of Bogart’s Smokehouse. Bianca’s mac and cheese and pork are a little on the dry side, but her potato salad gets great reviews. Pippa’s chicken wings aren’t quite finished, which disappoints the judges, but Stan impresses them once again with his pork tenderloin and steak, green bean salad and smoked mac and cheese. Ultimately, he is saved from elimination, sending the other two home.

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