A Rolling Food Fight

This week, the 11 remaining contestants report to Forth Smith Park in Arkansas. They’ll have to prove themselves by impressing the judges (and their customers!) and making the best eats on the run from a food truck.

Team U.S. cook-off in Arkansas

The competition gets switched up a bit this week when Team U.S. peacemaker Bianca gets chosen to join Team U.K. and help even out the 3:1 advantage Team U.S. currently possess. But this change causes dissension in the ranks for Team U.S. when Cody and Pippa no longer have Bianca as a mediator, and the whole team starts to fall apart. Team U.K., on the other hand, is elated to have the smiling and bubbling beauty on their side this week, as she enhances the team’s enthusiasm and helps them boost their marketing skills. Team U.K.’s Johnnie admits he’s never even seen a food truck, but Cody is enthusiastic about the challenge, claiming he has considered opening up a food truck in the past.

Bianca has a ‘personal motivation’ that she lets Team U.K. in on, and wants her and the team to prove themselves in order to show Team U.S. that Cody isn’t the only one who can lead a team to victory. She finds a beautiful hotel for the team to stay in, and later has some luck  selling Caroline’s ‘Very Berry Smoothie‘ recipe, which quickly begins selling in large quantities at a local national swim meet for a whopping $5 a pop.

Team U.S. is feeling the heat in a 115 degree food truck and the tensions begin to hit a boiling point. Cody calls out Pippa for telling Richard their team would run smoother without him. Then he completely shuts down and disappears from the group, leaving them to their own devices. Team U.S.’s continued bickering throughout the afternoon ultimately hurts their sales.

To make matters worse, the high temperature had casualties of its own. Team U.S.’s chef Ronaldo, surprisingly collapses from heat exhaustion and is rushed to the hospital, proving that even a Marine can suffer in the record high weather conditions. Cody, however, doesn’t buy it, and thinks he’s simply attempting to “avoid elimination.” Team U.S. wasn’t the only one affected by the heat though. Team U.K.’s Rebecca also gets struck by heat exhaustion during the challenge and has to make a trip to the hospital. Luckily for them. though, it’s only a temporary set back and she returns later to help out the team (who is making a killing!).

When the teams finally reach the checkpoint at The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, Claire and Richard count the two team’s final profits. Team U.S. rakes in an impressive $1,748.91. Considering they were barely able to communicate throughout the entire episode, it’s not too shabby. But Team U.K. proves that teamwork really does equate to success, earning a total of $2, 076.41, and winning the challenge.

In another brutal double elimination round, Team U.S. must choose three chefs to cook-off at the French-Creole Restaurant Iris in Memphis. It’s no surprise that Cody is among the chosen ones given all the disruption he caused during the challenge, though Ronaldo, who found out while recovering in the hospital that he was voted for elimination, was a little surprised. Don was also chosen, but that’s perhaps because he has yet to prove himself to the team with a successful dish. The three Americans have to battle it out to impress Restaurant Iris Chef Kelly English, along with Chef Richard, in cooking a dish made from striped bass and oysters.

Cody and Ronaldo go head-to-head in the kitchen.

Ronaldo is motivated to beat bully Cody, and Don is determined to prove himself as a southern chef to the judges, and feels confident that he can show his other teammates up. Don presents his dish first on a bed of grits, seasoned with jalepeno. His oysters and grits are cooked nicely, but Don gets some grief from Richard about his fish. Ronaldo sears his bass coated with flour on a bed of sauteed white corn. While his fish is also criticized slightly by Chef Kelly, Richard is beyond impressed by his effort and widely praises his dish, bringing Ronaldo to tears. Cody’s dish, however, gets a near perfect rating for his high standard of cooking, and spot-on fish.With emotions high, chef Corrigan announces the first chef to be eliminated will be Don.

Watch Don’s Exit Interview. Tell us: Was he your pick to go home, or would you have eliminated another chef?

When the competition is too close to call between Ronaldo and Cody, the two chefs must cook-off yet again, using their creativity to save them. Ronaldo prepares a raw oyster dish with a sage and onion oil, as well as smoked oysters with peach and basil oil with chorizo and onion. Cody serves a raw half shell with tarragon, and his cooked oyster is served over corn grits with a peach, pear and tomato gazpacho. Chef Kelly thinks that Ronaldo used a tad more creativity with smoking his oysters, but Chef Richard wasn’t convinced that is was properly smoked. Ultimately, Cody survives another elimination, sending Ronaldo packing.

Watch Ronaldo’s Exit Interview. Tell us: What did you think of this last cook-off? Were you expecting Ronaldo or Cody to be eliminated?


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Gina Scanlon