Cooking Bison in New Mexico – A Recap of Episode 2

Team U.K. arrives in Church Rock, New Mexico minus one chef, as the two teams learn that their next challenge will be to butcher and prepare an entire bison. But bison won’t be the only thing being butchered in this episode.

Pippa and Robin get ready for their Checkpoint Challenge in Albuquerque.

In this episode, the tension and animosity with Team U.S. chefs Cody, Pippa and Robin was as sizzling as the hot summer temperature. All type A personalities, the three attempt to step up to the plate and lead the butchering process. Unfortunately Cody just wasn’t having it. He quickly dominated the group, giving orders and taking charge to much sanguine. Meanwhile, the much more relaxed Stan tried to play peacemaker of the group so they could complete their challenge.

While Team U.S. had trouble getting on the same page, however, Team U.K. managed to sell nearly $500 worth of bison to one customer! That’s right – ONE customer. Have they finally found their groove?

Later, at the checkpoint challenge in Albuquerque, the teams were each given the ‘offal’ (internal organ meat) from the bison to cook with. Team U.S. chose Pippa and Robin for the cook-off, and Team U.K. picked Mark, who with more than 20 years experience of cooking with wild, foraged, seasonal British produce was in his element, and private chef and author Sophie to accompany him. While judge Richard Corrigan was impressed with the flavor of Team U.S.’s dish, he complained that they only used one organ, the liver.

Team U.K., however, managed to include three different pieces of the offal, giving them a slight edge over the Americans, and resulting in their first win. Go Team U.K.! Thanks for their winning dish, Sophie and Mark earned the team $150 worth of gas for the truck, which they badly needed to make their way to Sante Fe.

Want to try your hand at making your own culinary magic in the kitchen with the ‘offal.’ Get Sophie and Mark’s recipe here:

Tongue, Liver and Crispy Heart Soft Tacos with Nopales Salsa and Sweet Corn Fritters

Made by Team U.K.’s Sophie & Mark in their winning Checkpoint Challenge.

Once in Santa Fe, the teams have to continue selling their bison meat in the farmer’s market and drama ensues.  When Cody sets up shop too close to Team U.K. at the market, he gets some heat from Johnnie who taunts him, and Sophie, who calls him a “different sort of gentleman.” Ouch, that stings! But, wait – Team U.K. has even more cultural opinions to share. Rebecca lashes out at Team U.S.’s Phoebe about the Brits having ‘morals’…as to say Team U.S. does not? Anyhow, on with the competition!

En route to meet up with the other team and find out who made the most money, Stan and Cody throw out the remainder of the meat that wasn’t sold at a gas station, which would prove to be a mistake. Later, host Claire Robinson and judge Richard Corrigan scold Team U.S. for wasting valuable bison meat, taking $15 off of the final amount of money they made. Team U.K. was able to squeak ahead by only around $100, but enough to win the challenge.

At this point, Team U.S. is ready for blood, and the chefs now have to decide which three cooks will compete against each other in the Elimination Challenge. The chefs blame Cody for throwing away the meat, but he retorts by calling out Pippa and Robin for losing the Checkpoint Challenge. After the name calling finally ceases, the team selects Cody, Stan and Robin to cook-off, where they have to recreate a famous pork chop recipe with a mole sauce made by Chef Martín of Restaurant Martín.

The result of the cook-off? While Robin and Stan both left the string on the meat, which is a huge no-no, Robin’s beans were also pretty wet. In the end, Stan’s dish was labeled the best recreation of the three, ultimately sending Robin packing. Cody attempts to apologize to his team members post-elimination, but will they forgive him? It might be a little too late.

Robin’s losing elimination dish

Watch Robin’s Exit Interview here:


Plus, find out what Host Claire Robinson and Judge Richard Corrigan had to say about filming in Church Rock, New Mexico.

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Gina Scanlon