Broadchurch Celebs and Critics All Atwitter

Here’s what celebrities and critics have been saying on ‘bloody twitter’ about the first few episodes of ‘Broadchurch.’
By Sarah Loebig


“What’s great about Broadchurch is not that, in the end, it lets you know everything. It’s that it makes you feel everything.”
-James Poniewozik, TIME Magazine


Sam Clafin, actor (‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’)


“Broadchurch will keep viewers gripped and wanting more, despite its bleakness.” -Denette Wilford, The Huffington Post


James L. Brooks, writer (‘The Simpsons’)


“When mysteries work as effectively as this one, they offer a safe outlet for our gnawing rage to understand—that detective’s compulsion to cajole the truth out of the civilized world, no matter what gets destroyed.” -Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker


Illustration by Marc Aspinall for ‘The New Yorker’


Michael Ausiello, Journalist (

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“…There’s something about the tone of these shows — the acting, cinematography and even the music — that just feels right, and I’m including ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘The Hour,’ ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Copper’ in that evocative group. You can add ‘Broadchurch’ to the list.” -Michael Starr, The New York Post


Paul F. Tompkins, Comedian


“As a result, Broadchurch gradually develops into one of the most intimate and agonizing portrayals of grief I’ve ever encountered, on screen or off.”
-Andrew Romano, The Daily Beast