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The Brit List: 20 Sexiest

Get a close-up look at the men and women whose good looks, toned bodies, and seductive talents have earned them a rightful place on our list of the absolute sexiest people in the UK.

In addition to the hottest British models, actors, sports stars, and musicians, BBC America ranks other iconic elements of British pop culture, including the sexiest fictional characters, the most salacious moments on British TV, and the “sexiest” car of all time.

Tune in to find out which celebrity couple ranks as the sexiest (Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? Posh and Becks?), which British hunk is portraying the hottest superhero (Christian Bale’s “Batman” sexier than Andrew Garfield’s “Spider-Man”?), and who lands on the top of our list as the sexiest Brit on the scene today.