About the Show

With the sword of truth and the shield of chaos at her side, comedienne, actress and writer Katy Brand takes on the entire entertainment industry and cuts it up to her own advantage in “Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show.” A brazen mix of celebrities and original characters create a whole new world of entertainment — like the one we’re familiar with, but far more captivating and loaded with jaw-dropping, juicy twists.

Favorites returning from season one include Kate Winslet out in the community, just being normal. Kate Moss and her best friends Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney, grow up, go out and grapple with A-levels. Lily Allen tries anything from comedy to fashion design. Armed Forces TV reporter Captain Rosie investigates life on ‘civvy street.’ And Caroline is still trying to make sense of life with an armful of magazines and a glass of white wine.

It’s a warm and accessible world. But remember, it’s one that exists under Katy’s rules. She’s in charge and if you strap in, relax and do as you’re told, you might find out that you don’t want to leave.