Episode 8

The War Child

The Old Ones have arrived and are intent on taking over the world by force.

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Episode 7

Making History

Tensions run high when Cutler takes Tom firmly under his wing.

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Episode 6

Puppy Love

Romance is in the air for Tom when Allison, a geeky teen werewolf, turns up looking for help.

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Episode 5

Hold the Front Page

Episode Five sees the return of season three’s teenage Vampire Adam (Craig Roberts).

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Episode 4

A Spectre Calls

Annie, Hal, and Tom are like a ring of steel protecting baby Eve, so when Kirby (James Lance), a ghost from the 1970s calls at the house, they’re immediately suspicious.

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Episode 3

The Graveyard Shift

Annie needs to prove that she, Tom and Hal are strong enough to protect the baby…but are they?

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Episode 2

Being Human 1955

Hal, Leo, and Pearl – another werewolf, vampire, and ghost – turn up at the house.

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Episode 1

Eve of the War

In an old B&B in a sleepy seaside town, there lives a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost determined to live a quiet human life.

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