Episode 8

Episode 8 |

It’s the final showdown at the research facility.

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Episode 7

Episode 7 |

When Mitchell discovers a shocking truth about Lucy and the vampire massacre, he swears revenge.

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Episode 6

Episode 6 |

Annie gets a job working with a stage psychic.

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Episode 5

Episode 5 |

The reasons Mitchell turned his back on killing are revealed.

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Episode 4

Episode 4 |

George desperately attempts to contain his inner wolf.

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Episode 3

Episode 3 |

Mitchell takes control of the vampires to contain their random killings.

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Episode 2

Episode 2 |

Annie thinks she’s met the man of her dreams.

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Episode 1

Episode 1 |

Mitchell realizes that the vampire society has fallen into complete disarray following Herrick’s death.

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