Season 2 Episodes

Episode 6


After a shocking appearance from an unexpected visitor, Max and Ellie embark on a twisted and terrifying path.

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Episode 5


A rebel with a cause manages to break into the asylum’s old chapel where he ends up getting more than he bargained for.

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Episode 4


A new resident moves in whose young brother has a grudge to bear.

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Episode 3


Ellie sees something that could ruin Reeta’s wedding day, and Dan attempts to work his magic on the bride-to-be.

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Episode 2

Pool of Tears

Ellie and the new residents living at Brightmoor begin to realise the danger surrounding them.

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Episode 1

The Long Drop

Bedlam Heights has been renamed as Brightmoor, but the unearthly residents haven’t gone anywhere. A young woman who can see ghosts is drawn to the complex in search of Jed.

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