Season 1 Episodes

Episode 6

Burning Man

Molly is haunted by the figure of a burning man, while Jed tries to make contact with his mother and is brought face-to-face with a dreadful secret in the depths of Bedlam Heights.

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Episode 5


When Mark receives phone calls in the dead of night he thinks a woman may have a vendetta against him, but Jed knows the truth is darker.

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Episode 4

Hide and Seek

Jed tries to save Ella from a sinister child ghost and makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Kate learns disturbing revelations about her grandfather.

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Episode 3


When Sadie meets Jed the spark is instant; but when an angry ghost forces Sadie to confront a horrific event in her past, Jed must act quickly to save her from danger.

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Episode 2


After Molly’s friend Leah falls victim to a horrifying series of events, Jed soon realizes there are supernatural forces at work.

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Episode 1


When Jed receives mysterious texts telling him to ‘Save Kate,’ he travels to newly-renovated Bedlam Heights to tackle the ghosts of the former asylum’s dark past.

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