About The Show

About The Show

Bear Grylls takes comedian Miranda Hart (“Call the Midwife”) and talk show host Jonathan Ross, two of Britain’s most high-profile stars, on their own once-in-a-lifetime adventures in two amazing weekend expeditions to some of the world’s most stunning natural environment.

Miranda Hart is off to the Swiss Alps where she faces her greatest fears when she flies in a helicopter and abseils down a waterfall. Jonathan Ross discovers his inner-Tarzan in the magnificent rainforests of the volcanic island of La Palma, one of the least-known of the Canary islands.

About Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is a British adventurer and television personality who has traveled the globe exploring all that nature has to offer. Over the years, he has accomplished several feats, including holding the record for the youngest Brit to climb Mount Everest for a brief time, at the age of 23, and journeying to unexplored regions of Antarctica.

He is best-known for his television show, “Man vs. Wild” (known as “Born Survivor” in the UK). In his latest project, “Bear Grylls’ Wild Adventures,” Bear takes talk show host Jonathan Ross and comedian Miranda Hart on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition into the wild.