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The Ties That Bind

Tensions are great within the divided Cylon Fleet. The executed Cavil (Dean Stockwell), now resurrected, appears to want to cooperate with the Six known as Natalie, but he has secret plans for an ambush.

Meanwhile, on Galactica, President Roslin is angry with Admiral Adama for unilaterally sending Kara Thrace on a mission in search of Earth. And she’s shocked to learn that Lee Adama, the Quorum’s new Caprican delegate, agrees with Vice President Zarek (Richard Hatch) that Roslin’s extensive executive powers should be curbed.

Amid these crises of leadership, a subtler but equally critical drama is playing out aboard the Galactica: Cally (Nicki Clyne) and Tyrol’s marriage is falling apart. While Tyrol wrestles with his secret Cylon identity and neglects his family, Cally is pushed to a state of extreme emotional fragility.