Episode 19

Crossroads, Part 1

Baltar’s trial for treason begins. William Adama sits on the judges’ tribunal, while his son, Lee, assists Romo Lampkin on Baltar’s defense team.

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Episode 20

Crossroads, Part 2

Amidst the chaos of Baltar’s trial, certain members of the Fleet have been experiencing strange, simultaneous auditory hallucinations. Shocking realizations are made when the Fleet finally arrives at the Ionian Nebula.

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Episode 18

The Son Also Rises

The aftermath of Kara Thrace’s Viper crash is a time of mourning for her husband and friends, but the business of the fleet must grind on despite their grief.

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Episode 16

Dirty Hands

After an accident nearly kills President Roslin, Chief Tyrol defies Admiral Adama to demand safer working conditions throughout the fleet—and inadvertently makes himself the rallying point for a strike.

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Episode 17


Kara Thrace finds herself on the edge of a nervous breakdown as she battles the emotional fallout from her captivity on New Caprica.

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Episode 15

A Day In The Life

While Admiral Adama reflects on the life he’s lost, Tyrol and Cally get stuck on the wrong side on an airlock, with their air leaking away.

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Episode 14

The Woman King

Helo begins to suspect that a civilian doctor overseeing civilian refugees is mistreating Sagittaron patients and causing their deaths.

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Episode 13

Taking A Break From All Your Worries

Imprisoned on Galactica and facing charges of treason, Gaius Baltar survives a suicide attempt, only to face a barrage of extreme interrogation techniques ordered by President Roslin and Admiral Adama.

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Episode 12


On the algae planet, the human-Cylon standoff over ‘The Eye of Jupiter’ has reached a breaking point. Meanwhile, Sharon decides to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to try and rescue her daughter Hera from the Cylons.

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Episode 11

The Eye of Jupiter

While harvesting algae on the planet beyond the star cluster, the possible discovery of an ancient artifact known as ‘The Eye of Jupiter’ leads to a deadly stand-off with the Cylons.

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Episode 10

The Passage

When the Fleet’s food-processing systems are contaminated, Galactica’s over-taxed pilots must shepherd ships of the Fleet through a hazardous region of space to a new food source.

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Episode 9

Unfinished Business

A rank-free boxing tournament is arranged aboard Galactica, which quickly drags old grudges into the light.

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Episode 8


Admiral Adama must confront the darkest moment of his military career when ‘Bulldog’ Novacek escapes from Cylon custody and arrives on Galactica.

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Episode 7

A Measure of Salvation

Galactica discovers the infected Cylon Baseship and brings aboard the handful of diseased Cylons still alive.

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Episode 6


Baltar attempts to help the Cylons in their search for Earth, while on Galactica Tigh and Starbuck stir up discontent.

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Episode 5


Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and three others form a secret tribunal to try and convict humans who collaborated with the Cylons.

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Episode 4

Exodus, Part 2

The Galactica crew and members of the Resistance have coordinated their attacks in a daring attempt to liberate the New Caprica population from the Cylons.

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Episode 3

Exodus, Part 1

Two successful ambushes set by the humans on New Caprica bring new hope to the colonists, but uncertainty remains among humans and Cylons alike.

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Episode 2


Cylon leaders, frustrated by the recent horrific suicide bombing, order the human police to arrest hundreds of suspected insurgents on New Caprica.

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Episode 1


Four months into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, the human settlement is a bleak and paranoid place.

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